Sunday, 1 July 2007


Well some more good new this week. I submitted a picture of my Aceo/ATC to a USA magazine and it has been accepted. Wowee. Woweeeeee.
They wrote back to me straight away and asked if I would like to have another submitted as well. Weeell I did have to think about it for a millionth of a nano second, and said "Oh go on then".
I went through all my ATC's and couldn't decided which one to use. So I made a new one instead. I'm not going to show it to you, I want it to be a suprise. I still can't believe it.
Still with the good news, along came the bad as per usual.
DH was ill again on Saturday evening round at my daughter's home. We go there most Weekends, and stay overnight. But my daughter had to drive us home, with her fiancee following in his car. I get so frightened when I see him gasping for breath. I feel absolutely helpless. We both know that this will get worse as time goes on, but I know we'll never get used to it.
Today he's back to normal, thank god, and life carries on.

One day left for my listings on ebay. One watcher, 53 visits, but no bids. I thought that last week was a fluke, and it looks like I was right. Hey Ho.


Artyfax said...

Hi Margaret, congratulations.Look forward to seeing the next aceo published.

My own experience with has been a little mixed, but I guess it needs perseverence.- John

Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

Hey Miss Margaret. E-bay, like any other web-based outlet takes time to develope. Don't expect things to go fast or stay steady until you've really built up a reputation around there. That could take a very long time. But hang in there and it will eventually happen my friend!

BTW - Congrats on your publication acceptance! WAHOO!