Thursday, 31 January 2008


I promised a step by step of the background paper that i used for the Japanese Doll.
Ihave also used it for other projects, and found it extremely handy to have around.

First i took some thick paper, size A4,and coated it with pva glue. I usually use about 3 different colours of tissue paper, and you begin with the darket colour first. Just rip and stick down randomly, leaving plenty of the white paper showing. Add a coat of pva on top, to make sure that it is all stuck down. I do this with every layer.
Let it dry before adding additional layers, as it makes it so much easier.

Again i gave another coat of pva, on top of the last layer, as well as on top of the second layer.This time i used torn red tissue paper, and stuck down at random. still leaving parts of white paper showing through.

Third stage,you used the mid tone colour of your choise. I used bright pink on one half of the paper, and orange on the other. This was because i intend to make two dolls, one Japanese, and the other african, so rather than make two separate sheets, i decided to do it half and half.

The third layer, the palest of the colours is used. This time i used yellow tissue on the bottom half, but on the top i wanted to knock back the brightness of the pink, so i used pale pink along with pale grey, and a bit more red.

With all the different layers, and layers of pva glue in between, this has given the paper a good thickness, so when applied to card, it is quite stiff, and useful for embellishment making.

The final stage i've used gold embossing powder, stamped on at random. There is no need to be precise at any stage, as it will be cut up. The randomness of it all, adds to it, i feel.

Tomorrow, i will show you a doll made with this paper, that i hope to have made by then.


Nicks said...

Ooooo think i am off for a play! Thanks for sharing!

Jinny say's said...

I say misses-that look rather nice!
hugs Miss.Chicken legs

Artyfax said...

Looks a cool technique for making backgrounds for any number of things

Mieke said...

So nice!!! Lot's off eye candy at your blog!!!