Sunday, 28 December 2008


This is something i have been working on for over 2 weeks now, excluding christmas day lol.

My love of Marie Antoinette, just grows, and I really wanted to make a Paper Doll of her, and decided on making a trio of folded dolls.

Sixe 6" (15cm) high excluding feathers
Each doll 3.5" (9cm) wide
When opened out, 10.5" (27cm) wide.
I Struggled to get a decent photograph of the dolls, so decided to 'place' them in a photo of Versailles, using Photoshop 7.

I will add more photos, WHEN i can get a decent one.

I had real fun making this, and for once i was not in a rush to finish, as i wanted it to be right. I found it a bit of a struggle, due to lack of craft materials, would have loved to use Silks and antique lace, but funds will not allow that.

I received a Marie Antoinette Paper Doll book for christmas, so will be making more but with my own adaptations.

Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas, we did, and here's one photo to prove it.
Myself with dear hubby and my precious darling Grandson. (Oh he'll love me calling him that hahahahahahaha)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fabric Needlecase - Fabric Printing

Here is the Needlecase that I have made for my daughter. I added beads and flowers to it, to make it more interesting.

The picture was made using the Freezer Paper Fabric Printing tutorial to the right

It looks much better in real life. Scanning it has really dulled the colours. Need to invest in a light box, but where to keep one? I'd sooner use up the space for more beads or fabric LOL.

Monday, 15 December 2008


Here is Page 2 of the Marie Antoinette Fabric Book that i am making.

Will add more to it when i sew it to page one. Was a little disappointed in the crystal beads from ebay, they are a lot smaller than i was hoping for. But that's what you get when you buy online, and unfortunately there aren't any craft shops of any kind near to me.

C'est La Vie.

I also used crystal seed beads too dotted about. I'm unsure whether to add another colour to it, or just keep it crystal and blue.

I've also made a needlecase inspired by the one that Jan gave to me. This is for my daughter who admire the one made by Jan.

I have made it in green, her favourite colour, and used a vintage image using a lady with a cat.

She is really into Art Nouvea and absolutely adores cats, she has 3 of her own.
It's just a little stocking filler, but i hope she likes it.

I was going to post the picture of it, but seeing it on screen, i realised that something was missing from it. So will post the photo tomorrow instead.

It hasn't scanned very well, and i may also add more embellishments to it. I can see some

Saturday, 13 December 2008


I'm becoming a little obsessed and so I decided to make myself a Marie Antoinette Fabric Book.
It will be completely hand sewn, as I feel in that way i will become part of the book itself.

Here is the first page

Approx Size
8" x 5.5"
(20cm x 13 cm)

It has to be attached to page 2 and padding inserted and an edging sewn on.

I have started on page 2 but am awaiting some lovely crystal beads to arrive, before i can do anymore work to it.

The two beautiful blue flowers were kindly given to me by Constanza. (See link to the right)

Both images were printed onto fabric using the Freezer Paper Fabric Printing tutorial that is in my Tutorials to the right.

My aim is to make each page different to the rest, using different techniques and fabrics. But all will have the plain white cotton background.

JUST HOPE THE BEADS TURN UP QUICK. I'm a very impatient person, as soon as i win something on ebay I WANT IT NOW. LOL.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Gifts

What a very lucky girl, or should i say old woman, i am.

Today i received 3 packages, the first being from my new found friend Orit, from Israel. This was part of the Christmas ATC swap, over in Mamma. Isn't it beautiful, i just love the textural feel and simplicity of this ATC.

Then in the second package, i was delighted to find a bauble from Renee (Nayski) I'm afraid she doesn't have a blog to show you.
She also sent me a christmas pressie which i have not opened, but will show you the package cos i love the ribbon sooo much

The third package was from another newly found friend, Constanza. Oh boy, did this package make me cry, not only because of the beautiful gifts, but because of the words inside the xmas card.

amongst all the beautiful little gifts from Constanza was the absolutely delightful English Cottage. I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. love houses, and this is sooooo sweet.
Here is Constanza's etsy shop

Here you can see it on my windowledge in my living room amongst all xmas decorations made by friends, in both the jigsaw jam swaps, and the bauble swaps that i have participated in.

And here are a few more from friends, here on my teeny weenty 3foot high tree. lol.

First from Sherry, which is very sparkly and glamorous in real life.

And two of the parchment gifts from Viv, which are absolutely divine.

Viv, sent me two of these parchment gift boxes, one for myself and also one for my dear hubby. NOW ISN'T THAT THE SWEETEST THING ANYONE COULD DO.
i think so. Even though she takes the micky out of my GINORMOUS xmas tree. hahahaha

You can see better photos of them over on her blog, as well as the intricate workings of them.

Thursday, 4 December 2008


I'm very suprised and also pleased to say that i will be published in a forthcoming magazine next April.

I sent off 3 Marie Antoinette items to be considered, and 2 were actually chosen. I'm not sure if i'm supposed to say anything or not, but I am to be the Featured Spotlight in the one off publication "Marie" by Stampington & Co. I really won't believe it until i see it in print.

In the meantime, here are two more altered jigsaw pieces ready for the christmas tree.

For Carol
as part of the NI jigsaw jam swap

made for myself.

There are no more challenge/swaps over on my Flickr group MAMMA until early January, when i will also be starting up a new group MAD MAMMA, but i havn't yet revealed what this group is about. As soon as i tell my MAMMA group, i will let you all know lol.

in the meantime