Sunday, 23 November 2008


I'm so lucky to have such dear friends surrounding me on line. But i feel even luckier when one of those dear friends nominates me for an award.
My dear friend Nancy has nominated me for the "Marie Antoinette…A Real Person…A Real Award” award.which i am truly honoured to receive. AND ITS A MARIE ANTOINETTE AWARD TOOOOOOOOO, whom i love.

Thankyou Nancy, i really do appreciate it. xxxx

I would like to nominate 2 dear friends who have helped me through this illness.

Jan The most sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful lady i have ever met. Plus an awesome artist too.

Viv This lady has had me crying so much, but with tears of laughter. A Mad, crazy, lovely person. EVERY day is a blessing to know her and I'm so glad i've 'met' her.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another Christmas Bauble Decoration

Here's another Christmas Bauble i have made.



To make this bauble, i cut two pieces of the bauble shape out of acetate. Because i don't have any blending solution for alcohol inks, i improvised with white spirit, the only thing i have to hand.

So, i wiped the acetate over with the white spirit, and dripped 3 different coloured alcohol inks on to it, and just let it spread.
I left it to dry, and then spray mounted the two pieces together with a piece of white paper sandwiched between. This shows the colours up much better.

I then added stickers, and overthetop braiding. along with a plastic and a cardboard flower.

I really like this one, and may decide to keep it, if i don't have any time or energy to make more.

June here at bootifulstampz is being very generous and giving one stamp away a day for the rest of November.
June is also doing an altered jigsaw contest too, so be sure to visit.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Here in the UK we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but for me it has definitely been a week for me to give thanks.
My thanks go to my friends, who have been so supportive of me throughout this illness, and especially to my friend Jan, who came to visit me. This was the first time of meeting her, even though we've known each other for nearly two years.
And Yes, she is just as lovely and special as I knew she'd be. Wow, what a lady. We exchanged gifts and even though it was just a short meeting, we still managed to talk crafts lol. We hope to meet up next year sometime. fingers crossed.

One good thing, is that i'm able to keep up my artwork,otherwise i think i would be seriously depressed.

I've set up an offshoot group to MAMMA over on Flickr, this time as a group devoted to Christmas Bauble Decoration swaps.

Here are my contributions so far, but you should go on over to see the beautiful entries that my dear friends have made.

Marie Antoinette
Christmas Bauble Decoration
size approx 4.25"

Marie Antoinette
Christmas Bauble Decoration
approx 4.25"

Shabby Christmas Bauble Decoration
Approx 4.25"

The theme i chose for this week over on MAMMA is Thanksgiving, and here is my contribution

Click to enlarge

Friday, 14 November 2008


I have been unable to do much in the way of art, in fact its been very difficult for me all round.
Last week i had a fall, and the doctor has diagnosed Vertigo. Well i always thought vertigo was a fear of heights (which i suffer from), but in fact Vertigo is when the actual room seems to either spin completely around you, or pulsates in and out. I'm having to get about with a walking stick and hanging on for dear life on to the walls.

I feel like i am absolutely paraletic drunk, whilst walking on a ship on a rough crossing. Everything that i look at spins round and round, and i'm struggling with everyday life. I can't wait for the tablets to start working, as its very frustrating having to have everything done for you.

Managed one day to pull an ATC out of the hat, which was for MAMMA'S swap, the theme being Africa.

I seem to do my best work when in times of stress, and this is definitely one i'm proud of.

Hand painted with Acrylics

Friday, 7 November 2008


I'm taking part in a 6 way Christmas Jigsaw Jam swap. (I know the dreaded C word, but it really isn't long now lol)

When each person receives all their swaps back, they then adhere them to canvas, to make one piece of art.

Me, i have to be different lol. I'm sending them slightly larger jigsaw pieces, and wish to have them made into individual christmas tree decorations. Havn't quite made my mind up on the colours, but have chosen the theme 'Wings".

The first one i made was for Sherry, who asked for the theme Musical Christmas with the colours red and gold.

For Sherry
size 3" x 2" (7cm x 5cm approx)

The second one is for Viv, who asked for vintage christmas in the colours cream and gold

For Viv
size 3" x 3" (8sq cm)

The third one is for Wendy who asked for Angels, in the colours purple, blue and silver. To make this one, i digitally altered a photograph, then did an inkjet copy, which i then painted with brusho inks, and used stickles glitter, glamour dust, stickers, and acetate wings

For Wendy
size2.5" x 3.5" (6cm x 9cm)

I'm still awaiting the arrival of the other 2 involved in the swap, and will post them up as and when i finish them.

Also this week, i managed to make 2 ATC's for the MAMMA group i run over on Flickr. The theme i chose this week is Remembrance and here's my entries for the swap.

'Twixt Love andDuty'
Watercolour background

"Flanders Fields"
Cross with the words of the Poem
Flanders Field by John McCrae
Poppies decoupaged with paper napkins