Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Today, had some more beauties arrive with the post.
First off my friend Jinny aka chicken legs, sent me a large envie with some lovely stuff inside.
First an altered matchbox, with a hematite stone inside, to put inside my craft room. I've always felt uncomfortable in there, and have never really been able to work, so jinny, said that this will do the trick. It's a stone for protection, so hopefully will protect me from whatever is going on (or what has been going on lol)
She also sent me a small handmade book, which is adorable. On the front is the title Margaretand inside are handmade embellishments with words about friendship, "beautiful", not lol, me that is lol, the letter m, surrounded by doodling in a Zetti style (my favourite style at the mo) and all embossed and stamped. I'm truly honoured to think that someone would go to this amount of trouble just for little old me. Oh and a new pen, did you know Jin, that i'm forever losing my pen lol.
Last but not least a gorgeous ATC, loving it jinny.

In the next envie, i received not one but 3 BEAUTIFUL watercolour ATC's from Terryart in the USA> what a talented lady.
I left a comment saying how much i liked them and she said i could have all 3. ARN'T I LUCKY.
sure am. loving em a lot.This is the beautify of ATC Trading, you get to 'meet' fantastic talented people, and acquire great works of art.

So for letting me have her entire collection, i have just made a RAK to go with the swap to her. She has a 'thing' for crabs so here is Hermit Crab. Drawn with prisma pencils and biro. hope she likes it.

TUTORIAL - The promised tutorial, has had to be postponed,as i have been feeling really under the weather with this bloomin stomach bug that i've been suffering with on and off since Christmas.

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