Friday, 1 February 2008


Here are two art dolls that i made last night, using the tissue paper background that i made yesterday.
You can see the different effects made from cutting from opposing ends of the paper, where i did mainly red and black at one end, and oranges reds and yellows at the other.


I have left them with just one small flower decoration, as i like the simplicity of them.
I think i will add a piece of card at the back to make them stand.


Jan said...

These are brill Margaret - am really wanting to get into art dolls - have several in mind and MUST make the effort!
AM lovin' your blog and the tutorials. Thank you
Jan xx

Jinny say's said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh these are LUSH,lush, lush----did I mention they were LUSH? lol....hugs Chicken legs

Artyfax said...

They do have a naive charm Margaret. But don't think you're gonna get me involved in art doll projects. LOL. John

Mieke said...

I am in the process off making one off my own!!