Saturday, 23 February 2008

altered jiggy bit

This is another altered jigsaw for the jam swap i[m in. This time it was for Sheila, and the theme was metal. I did think of doing layers of metallic colours, but wanted to go for something a bit different. Another one of my loves is mermaids, so got my old jewellery box out, and looked for bits that could be used. Enjoyed doing this one, using bits of this and bits of that Even used a pull ring off a can of lager that i have just finished drinking at my daughter's home. lol. hence the name pi** artist. lol

Hope sheila likes this, fingers crossed. Oh by the way this was a LARGE jigsaw piece, but then again this made it easier for me. lol


Jan said...

Yay! LOVE IT! You're always going to come up with something a bit different x x x

Jinny say's said...

hehehehheeh she's lovely- I bet she will be love it!! xx