Friday, 29 February 2008


A fantastic day for me, as i received a gorgeous parcel from the Dotee Queen herself, my friend Dot from Australia.

here are the beautiful goodies that she sent to me, and i feel truly blessed. The photos i have 'borrowed' from Dot's Flickr page.

The beautiful dotee doll was carefully wrapped in some beautiful material tied up with a chiffon ribbon
These are scanned pictures i made.

FIVE bags of beauuuuuuuutiful beads

Aren't they delicious.
and last but not least.
2 MOO CARDS. woweeeeeee

Thankyou Dot, from the bottom of my heart. You can never know how much this means to

Soooo, pinching an idea from Dot, i've decided to give my first matroshyka Doll away. This has been designed by me, and finished this afternoon.
This is the first of 5 dolls i have designed, and cos the matroshyka is the latest fad, decided to make this one first.

So stay tuned, tomorrow i will be putting up all the information for how to 'win' this doll.


Maureen said...

What a lucky lady you are getting those lovely things from Dot - they are really lovely - maureen x


Thankyou Mo, i feel really lucky, and undeserving.

Cotton Picker said...

Dot is a sweetheart, isn't she? I also have had the good fortune to do a swap with her.

JafaBrit's Art said...

It must have felt like Christmas opening your parcel, these are just wonderful goodies. I really like the doll :)

Jan said...

If anyone deserves it, you do darling. About time you started getting back some of the lovin' that you so generously give to others.Jan xx


you've made me cry again Jan. I'm so truly grateful for friends like you. xxxxx

Jinny say's said...

Margaret, you are a very lucky duck-they are beautiful and am drolling at all those bags of charms and beads. oh and you are NOT undeserving-that's two slaps now lol.
I shall be watching today with baited breath-----better go and brush me teeth then ayy lmao xx

Dot said...

So, so pleased you liked everything I sent you Margaret! You ARE deserving and a beautiful person. And I know my little Dotee doll will be very happy living with you.

A big hug from me in Australia xoxo

Sian said...

Wow! Your fabric work is stunning!