Friday, 21 March 2008

at last My Etsy shop is open

Having trouble with my blog today, but at last my etsy shop is opened.
I've put a couple of Zetti ATC's up to begin with, the rest will follow probably next month, after the Chesterfield exhibition is up and running.


I've triple checked that i am allowed to use Teesha Moore's Zetti stamps on art for sale, and it is ok. phew, don't want an attorney on my back lol.

Funds are low at the moment, so need to instil a bit of cash into my craft funds. Boy this is an expensive way of life. With Fine art,all you need are paints, brushes and paper/canvases.
The craft world, is afloat with goodies and gadgets which you REALLY need to have to survive lol. So fingers crossed, that someone somewhere will like my art enough to buy some.
I have never used etsy before, only ebay, and everything that i put up for sale on there was sold. Not that i put a great deal up for sale, because the heavy ebay and paypal fees made it unworthwhile. Still needs must, so i'm giving etsy a try.

HOPEFULLY will be able to do the mystery tutorial (nobody's come up with the correct idea of what it is yet lol), but i'm awaiting arrival of goods from ebay which will enable me to finish the ? (thought i'd tell ya didn't ya)
Fingers crossed my lovely postlady will be bringing my parcel of goodies to my door tomorrow. If not, there will be no more post until Tuesday, so if that is the case, the planned tutorial will be delayed, sorry folks. but i PROMISE you that it will be done as soon as possible.

Hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays, we here in the UK, have an extended holiday with Bank Holiday Monday. So nothing gets back to normal til then.
Happy Holidays


Jacky said...

Good luck with your etsy shop Margaret! I wish I had known as I would have loved to have bought one of your zetti ATC's. Love your zetti style and the ATC's you sent Dot were fantastic. Will keep my eyes open for when you post again.
I am keeping an eye on this online tutorial. I have all the supplies I need at the ready.

Jacky said...

Congratulation on your Etsy shop success! I will have to keep a close eye on it as I love your zetti ATC's (Saw Dots in the flesh and just loved them...especially that house one!).
I am keeping a close eye on your online tutorial. Have all my goodies at the ready to have a play.


still plenty left jacky lol

Sian said...

These are all fantastic, and congratulations on teh sale!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Well done Margaret - loving these chocolate zetti's!!

Rose DesRochers said...

d luck with your shop. :) Let me know if you are looking to advertise it?