Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What the Postlady brought today

As some of you may know, i organize a monthly doll swap in the yahoo group that John, my friend runs with a group of us ladies. lol.
This month was the advertising doll, and my swap partner was my dear friend Jan.
She arrived this morning, and oh boy did it make me smile. You can see why from the photo below.

Jan's advertising doll
She is now hanging on the fridge door, in the hope that she will encourage me to eat healthily. oh boy has she got her work cut out.

This was my doll to Jan entitled "A Woman's Lot"

I made her from adverts for Tena Pads, Durex, Canesta thrush cream, the Birth Pill, Clearblue pregnancy test, Lil-lets , her body a Fairy washing up liquid bottle advert, and her gloves cut out from marigold washing up gloves.

Enough about me.
Along with the fandabby advert doll, Jan also sent me an exquisite Zetti button fairy RAK , that I had admired in her photo album.
Here she is , isn't she the most amazing zetti doll. i love love love her. Thankyou Jan. xxxx

"Jan's Zetti Butterfly Fairy"

She has now hanging on my new rusty wire tree that i bought in Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago. This now stands on my coffee table for all to see .

Button fairies left to right
Jan, Ange (who does the most amaaaazing tutorials), Yvonne my swap partner in the button fairy swap, , and an easter RAK from Maureen.
All of them great friends, and I feel very lucky to be able to call them friends .
PS that lonely little easter egg is supposed to be jhoined by a dozen more, but i havn't got round to making them. maybe next year roflol.


nfaband said...

WOW ... such great examples of perfect imaginations in both the dolls you received and the doll your created Margaret ... I've so missed seeing your work, and I'm so glad to have found you again here. Thanks for sharing all your talent with us.

Jan said...

Luv's ya!!

Jinny said...

Great stuff(as always) So you do use tena then lmao.......and as to the clearblue- lol.......I am liking your little rusty tree-I want to model one of these to show of me jewelry-but might just hunt for a nice large twig....hugs Jin xx

My name is CINDY...... said...

Wow! Great idea.