Friday, 7 March 2008


Here is the third in the Zetti Fairy series, for my forthcoming exhibition. I think this will be the last of the 'pretty' zetti's that i shall be doing. Hopefully they will just get weirder and weirder as i go along.

This is just a scan of the canvas, so the top part is missing lol. Couldn't wait for daylight to take a photo.
One thing i am finding difficult is to stray away from the pretty, i suppose it's because I'm frightened of bad criticism from the exhibition. I feel as though I am not doing the paintings for myself, but once again playing 'safe'. I have got to get away from this attitude, always trying to please, and my lack of confidence. I suppose it's a bit late in the day to change now though.

The Mona Lisa is totally transformed, but you will have to wait til tomorrow, when hopefully the sun will be shining so i shall be able to take a photo.
I much prefer it now it's been Zettie'd. Before it was just a bad fake that i did of Mona Lisa, now it has become my own. This one i DID enjoy doing, even though it was frustrating. It took longer to alter, than it did to do a painting for some bizarre reason.


Maureen said...

Love it Margaret - maureen x

Jinny say's said...

WOW Margaret- this fab a rooney xx
It will be loved-trust me xx

Dot said...

Brilliant! Love the birdy with the long zetti legs!

My name is CINDY...... said...

These are really cool!! But get weirder!! Can't wait!