Thursday, 24 July 2008

Christmas in July

Sorry i havn't been blogging or looking at other people's blogs, been extrememly busy.

NOOOOOO NOT celebrating Christmas in July lol, but with hospital visits with hubby, plus i've been feeling really under the weather myself.

Sooo, even when ill i find it really difficult to sit still, so did some handsewing whilst sat watching tv.

I've been making fabric trees, mainly for the Christmas Season, (hence the title lol), but decided to go against using christmas fabrics,and decided to use some Kaffe Fassett fabrics instead.

I was extremely excited when i did a swap with Mieke
earlier in the year, and she sent me 2 pieces of Kaffe Fassett fabric.
I never thanked her properly for the gifts, as i was in the middle of my move. So hopefully this will make up for it.

Sooooo here's a taster of 2 of the trees i'm making, they are stuffed, ready for the base to be put on. I'm in the middle of beading another one as well, and hope to make a whole 'forest' of them to put in my etsy shop.

The one on the right was made from the fabric from Mieke

I'm making things that i like myself, so if they do not sell, i can adorn my own home with them.

I also bought some beautiful fabric fromChesterfield last week, a very pale grey/green embroidered fabric, and will definitely be using this for fabric trees as well.

Oh nearly forgot about my exciting news. Yesterday i bought a computerised sewing machine. This was bought with money that i finally received from a dispute with Tiny Computers.

On my 50th birthday, my daughter and hubby saved up to give me the money to buy a computer. I paid cash for it (never again), and the day after, the company went bust, and i lost my money.

Now 6 years later i managed to get half my money back, and decided to use it to buy the sewing machine. (ooh i gave my age away)

Mind you it's still in the box. Can't believe it myself. Normally i'm like a child at christmas with anything new, but finding it hard to get excited at anything at the mo.

Will definitely be getting it out of the box later today, and will start playing with it hopefully over the coming weekend.

So keep your eye out for embroidered fabric from me, (that's if i can understand the bloomin thing. another technical thingamajig to get my head aroundHAHAHA)

Take care everyone, and i hope to get time to look at all your fabulous blogs


Jackie said...

hank you for visiting my nlog..its nice to see yours. We are nearly the same age, but we don't live in the same place despite what your site visit thingy says. I was Derby last week..but actually I'm in Lancashire.
I'll be back.

Jackie said...

PS. I CAN spell 'Thank' and 'Blog' ..usually!

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Interesting that this post was about stuffed trees. Here is a tute I did for non-stuffed trees, if you are interested.

Maureen said...

Thats good news re the money and the sewing machine -which one did you get Margaret - if it's got more on than mine I'll come and borrow it!!!

Cotton Picker said...

I like the stuffed Christmas trees.

If it were me, I would be "playing" with the new sewing machine right away. :)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I love the trees and cannot wait to see what you make with the new machine.

Hope you and the hubby are better in no time.

Sherry said...

Love your trees Margaret, they look fun and still have a Christmassy feel about them even though not made with Christmas fabric.

Your new toy sounds interesting ... we'll watch this space!

Hope you both feel better very soon xx

Mieke said...

Oh, wow Love them!!XOX

Tosh Fomby said...

Love your trees; the texture and colors. Thanks for sharing.