Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Gifts, Giveaways and dirty hands

I received a beautiful package from my dear friend Cindy

Cindy had a giveaway recently, and lovingly gave away 5 of her beautiful handmade brooches. I received Betty Boop, as she says i remind her of her LOL. oh how i wish i had her looks, body and vitality. lol

She also very very kindly sent me some ric rac, which i will definitely be using after the hols.

Sweet sweet Cindy.

Now another dear friend of mine in Tasmania isBelinda .
She is giving away an absolute humdinger of a giveaway. Not one, not two but...... FIVE ART DOLLS. can you believe it. Woweeee.

Oooh i hope i win one. Here is one of the beautiful art dolls

Today i am learning a new technique known as gouache and ink resist. Hence the dirty hands.

This is from a tutorial from my dearest friend Ange (Agnes the Red). She is an absolute brilliant artist, and jewellery maker and cake maker and........ the list goes on, and she is fantastic at each and every one of her arts.

We both belong to a yahoo group known as New Inspirations, and bi-monthly she gives us GREAT tutorials for new techniques for us to learn.

Here's a link to the resist technique
They are clear and concise with photos of each stage, plus tips as well.

Tomorrow, i will show you the results from my attempts lol.

I had such fun, it reminded me of the days in the print room, at both college and uni. Oh boy did i enjoy printmaking. It really gives you a buzz, mono-printing, collograph, dry etching.

This technique was similar in some ways to acid etching, ie with the building up and washing away. Similar but different. lol

So get on over and have a try at one of her tutorials.


BELINDA said...

Hi Margaret, Thank you so much for posting about my give away your so kind. A friend of mine is doing print making at uni and her stuff is brilliant ,I am so jealous as I wish I had went to uni. I do plan on going back to study arts but will need to wait until Lucy starts school, and thats 1 1/2 years away. Belinda

Maureen said...

Sounds like you'll have fun with that new Technique, haven't had a go yet as havr to go shopping first for the 'stuff'

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Isn't it great how even across the miles we can consider one another friends! I am glad it all arrived and that you like it.

I still believe you have a bit of boopiness in you!



i have the boobs if not the boops lol.

Agnes the Red said...

Hiya Margaret - you're such a sweetie for mentioning my tutorials, thanks for the link friend! Glad you're enjoying the resist technique and can't wait to see more of your work with this.
Ange xxx

Sherry said...

Thanks for the link to Belinda's blog - she has some amazing stuff on there.

signsoftimensuch said...

thanks for commenting on my blog..I love your picture...and you have a lot of neat tutorials on here..hugs, cheryl