Friday, 8 August 2008


End of an era I'm afraid, but what must be must be.

First to end is my adorable Michael Buble. I havn't " gone orf " him lol, but have decided that, no matter how much i love you, the music has to end.

I know a lot of people really do not like listening to music on blogs, and I do not like to think that i am pushing my musical taste on to others, so sorry Michael but you have to go.
Now isn't this man the s*xiest things on legs.

Or even the best thing since sliced bread.

I took this photo when i was about to make breakfast for us
(A girl can dream can't she lol)

So Michael, you may not be playing your songs to both myself and the world on my blog, but you will be forever playing within my heart.

(PS DON'T tell my hubby roflol)

Sadly this isn't the only thing that has come to an end.

Dear Dot, of Dotee Doll fame, has decided to put an end to her blog. She has said that she may return in the future, which i dearly hope for.

But in the meantime Dot, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, because you surely deserve this and more for the joy you have brought to people all over the world.

So take care of yourself and your well loved kitties.


Jan said...

Shame about Dot. It was amazing how her little dotties caught on worldwide. And they will carry on, even though she is stepping down. I wish her all the happiness she deserves.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

It really broke my heart that Dot stopped her blog. She was the sweetest spirit and it came through in her creations and via her blog. I will miss her, but will look at my collections of Dotees and remember her smiling!

Artyfax said...

I have to agree about the music - haveing n a blog, I mean. I was very quick to use ths player when I first came across it but listening to the first two chords of my favourite music again and again just got to be too much. It had to go.

and even I ( no dolls please!) have heard of Dot and her wonderful creations. Her presence will no doubt linger on the web because of them

Dot said...

Thankyou for the delectable photo's of Mr Buble (hubba hubba). And thankyou for mentioning me my friend. I was touched to read your comments (and the comments of others here too).

I will re-open my blog at some stage but it will be invitation only (and of course you will be invited!).

Much love

Dot xx