Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Freezer Paper fabric printing

Here are the results of my latest experiment with Freezerpaper fabric printing.

printed on plain thin cotton

even works with quotes.
So how did i do it.

First i glued the freezer paper to a fairly thick sheet of photo paper, shiny side up.
I used Scotch photomount adhesive to stick it. left to dry a bit.

Then ironed the thin cotton fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper, which is now attached to the photo paper.

When the printer started up, i gave it a little help, tomake sure it went through.

I have a really old canon i350 printer, and am not really worried if it does damage to it. I'm about ready for a new one.
So if you are worried about it effecting your printer, my advice is "don't print with fabric".

MAKE SURE that there are no fabric threads hanging, which may affect the printer.

One good thing about keeping the freezer paper permanently attached to photo paper, is that you can still use it over and over again. BRILL.

So what else have i been up to this week.
Back is still giving me chronic pain, and Sunday evening, a bloomin wasp crawled up the sleeve of my jumper and stung me, just below my armpit. It is still red and stinging, and have been advised to put vinegar on it. A medical professional advised it.

For MAMMA flickr group, the theme i have chosen this week is KLIMT.

So here is the one i've put in the swap

3 ages of woman

It is a copy of klimt's painting, mounted on mount board, which has been distressed using 3 different distress ink pads, then embossed with gold swirls..
The picture was then given a 3-d clear gloss finish. and silver and gold stickers adorn the edge.

Two wire swirls were then added to form a hanger.


This is a fabric ATC, and has not been put in the MAMMA swap, as i don't feel it is good enough.

The background fabric is Kaffe Fassett, with a Golden gel medium photo transfer fabric picture sewn on to plain white fabric with golden thread.
A gold pen was used to make the dots around the picture.

3 gold swirl sequins were attached to the top

I used quilt batting to fill the ATC after sewing a backing piece of white cotton.

Last but not least is my entry for New Inspirations Monthly Lottery, the theme being 'Make me Laugh".


Well you know how much i love humour, and I WAS THE WINNER OF THE DRAW.
So this beauty stayed with me. I'm sure she'll find a home one day lol.

So, what will i be doing this week? Looks like i need to make more matryoshka dolls, as i've sold out of em,in my etsy shop, bar 2. suprised really.
So won't be doing much art i'm afraid, and the fabric book will be on hold.

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Maureen said...

Frida has certainly transferred well this time Margaret.

Cyber Fyber said...

Please, please forgive me for waiting over a week to accept your trade at CYBER FYBER. I've simply been overwhelmed with art, life, work, and mostly the preparations I've been making (tying up loose ends!) in order to spend six weeks at the MacNamara Foundation's artist residency program in Maine. I still can't believe that I've been selected for this...six weeks! They're providing room & board, studio space, and a small travel stipend. All I must do is MAKE ART ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! It's a dream come true. Anyway, I did neglect some of my CYBER FYBER duties and for this I am truly sorry! Yet, happily, I can say that the trade is now in the mail. The CYBER FYBER blog post has been edited to reflect our trade. Thank you so very, very much. I look forward to seeing your work here in sunny South Carolina. (My darling husband has been properly trained for CYBER FYBER duties while I'm away!) Thanks again!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I really love your work on the Frida stuff. You have worked hard to achieve that.

The beauty card made me laugh out loud! Kind of gives new meaning to the term "butt ugly"!

Belinda said...

Hi Margaret I absolutely love your klimt atc's and frida work your are very talented. Your funny challenge cracked me up, so funny. Belinda

My name is CINDY...... said...

Margaret all these are brilliant!! If you make any FP/fabric ATCs for trading would love one - am intrigued to see how this technique turns out. The Frida images look fantastic by the way.