Tuesday, 30 September 2008


This is the theme that I have chosen this week over at Mamma's Flickr group challenge/swap.

The reason i chose this theme, is that my husband and I (lol I sound like the Queen), celebrated 35 years of marriage.

And how did we celebrate?

First, we both had dentist appointments, nice.

Then a buyer unexpectedly turned up, wanting to buy not only DH entire tropical fish collection but also his aquarium too. (DH is wanting a new tank), so last night, i spent about 4 hours catching approx 60 fish, emptying gallons and gallons of water, cleaning all the rocks and gravel, then the tank.

And they say romance is dead roflol.

DH did retrieve himself though, cooking us both a really delicious steak meal, followed by fresh cream apple turnovers. No champagne though, it has had to be kept on ice until i finish another course of antiobiotics, which the dentist prescribed me. The abcess has reared its ugly head, and i am now having to have 2 tooth extractions next week. HEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP.

The last time i had a tooth removed, i felt every single thing, and ended up screaming the place down.
On another occasion, i was left sitting in the chair for 25 minutes, while the dentist went off licking the boots of the owner of the practice.(long story) and what did i do?
Walked straight out.
DH was waiting for me in the waiting room, and tried in vain to drag me back in, and i was in such a temper, NOTHING could have stopped me from leaving.

The receptionist asked DH to bring me back in, and he said, "There's no way on earth she'll come back in here, she'll be halfway home by now".and I was. LOL.

Needless to say, i do not go to that dentist anymore.

DH now warns any prospective dentists to lock the doors, just in case i do a runner.

Anyway enough of that.
Here is the ATC i made today for MAMMA, in way of celebration.


LeaKarts said...

Sounds like quite the erm...romantic... anniversary lol! Congrats on 35 years! A gorgeous ATC to celebrate :)

purplecat said...

What a way to spend your wedding anniversary- your post did make me laugh!
Love the piece you have done.

Kari Gibson said...

Happy anniversary! Shame about the dentist and lack of champagne - good luck with your next visit (eek!).

liz said...

Glad you are back, and the ATC is very pretty.

Belinda said...

Happy anniversary Margaret and dear hubby, what a way to spend it, the dentist yuk. I am afraid I am with you on that one I am petrified of them. 35 years wow my hubby and I are nearing 2 years of marriage but together for 14 and I can only hope we are together to celebrate our 35th. Congrats. Belinda

Maureen said...

A good story Margaret and love the ATC.

Viola said...

Congrats, Margaret! And your ATC looks really great!!

Mieke said...

you did it again...so great!!

Genie said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck at Dentist, Love the ATC

Sanja said...

Happy Anniversary and your ATC look great Margaret!:0)

Dot said...

Hi Margaret

Belated congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary! That is quite an achievement :).

Sorry to hear you had to spend part of it at the dentist though.(yuck). And I can understand you not looking forward to having 2 teeth out. There is nothing nice about going to the dentist at all.

And I am so sorry to hear you have had such painful and horrible experiences too.

Glad DH made you a nice meal for your anniversary. Steak and them cream apple turnovers mmmmmmm...

Love the ATC!

Dot xx

JafaBrit's Art said...

congratulations on your anniversary, sounds like ours lol! very romantic.

I love your atc's.