Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Altered Drinks Can Doll- Squashed Can art Doll

For this month's theme on MAD MAMMA (monthly art doll swaps), i chose the theme, squashed drinks can doll.

Oh boy, there was a mixed reaction, as most people assume art dolls are supposed to be pretty, but i wanted the group to be challenged, but was worried about their reaction. I should have known better, there was a mixed reaction at first, but now the ball is rolling. they have not let me down. pop over to MAD MAMMA to have a look at the great pieces so far.

Here is mine. Now i really WAS worried about putting this in the swap, especially as my hubby said i had gone a bit tooooo wild with this one. So i put it in the photo-stream, but was more than prepared to remove it, if it wasn't well received.

Believe it or not, I've come to looove this doll, ugly as it is.

So i suppose you want to have a peep at her........

here she is in all her

Zetti Fairy.
To make the doll, i flattened an empty lager well in fact I practically annihilated it with a big hammer. Oh boy that was fun, and a great way to get rid of frustrations. roflol.
Then i painted it all over with white acrylic glue, after finding it much to difficult to erase the wording on the can.
Then i painted the face with flesh coloured acrylic paint, and coloured the body with alcohol inks.
The Wings, arms legs and hat are all collaged onto card, and the hands and feet are brads, that i managed to find just last week.


Sherry said...

I love your challenges Margaret - and am glad I forced myself! Love your weird and wonderful creation x

Janny said...

Great job, makes me laugh!

Mieke said...

Love her!!!!

Pattie said...

LOL Margaret this doll really appeals to me,he or she has lots of character,LOVE it !nearly finished mine,its going to be hard to part with her lol,I always end up doing pretty !
Thanks for taking me outside the box as they say,enjoyed myself xx

... Paige said...

just wandering why the number 3 on her hat? She is very cute

Gaby Bee said...

Fabulous art doll! So well done with perfect details. Love your creativity!
Gaby xo

Belinda said...

Love this doll Margaret I have always been a fan of the weird and wonderful lol Thank you for your comments on my blog Margaret, it was nice to hear from you. Take care Belinda

Ragtree said...

She is WONDERFUL!!!!! I would never have guessed she came from a squished can!

Renee :)

needlewings said...

I love this one! I was so attracted to it and wished it would have been mine in the swap. I knew it was luck of the draw and cloning not an option. lol I admire your art and talent:)

Catharina Maria said...

this is a wonderful creation Margaret !
xox Rini the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.