Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Two Dolls for my Etsy shop

Well back into the swing of things, and two matroyshka/russian dolls to go into my Etsy shop... two long years since i did anything like this.

Hope you like them as much as i enjoyed making them



Jan said...

SO,SO lovely to have you back Margaret.... you've been missed by so many people. But I'm following you now... so watch out!
I still have the Russian doll that you made for me three years ago and it comes out each Christmas on my tree.... always a reminder.
Stay well. Jan xx

Debs said...



thanks ladies, and Jan so lovely to be back with you all

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Margret, it's so wonderful you're back in blogland!
Your dolls are really charming!

Enjoy the day,
Gaby xo

Pattie said...

Ahhhhh found you lol,lovely to see you are crafting again and these dolls are beautiful,wishing you all the best in your Etsy shop !!