Friday, 15 June 2007


Here is day 2 of the miniature painting of David Tennant. Starting to look a little bit like him now. Not a lot. LOL

I've told myself to persevere as I know I can achieve it, but painting soooo small shows up the smallest mistake. One small mark makes all the difference, as i know to my cost. Painting 4 ATC's, and everyone different. Never mind.
Managed to do a bit more to it this morning, will show you later. The doll beading has to come to a stop til Sunday at least, as my DGS is staying overnight.
Received two beautiful blank pocket watches this morning, from over the pond. Yes I have now discovered as well as uk, God help the credit card.
These watches are beauties, not sure what exactly I will be doing with them. Yet. One idea is just to do the norm, and insert a picture. But I would like to use one of them to make a doll of some kind, the clockface being the dolls head. If I do, I will have to figure a way how to attach it in some way to a body(doll's body I mean LOL).
That is something for the future.

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