Thursday, 14 June 2007

Day two -Cindy - my friend

A VEEEEERY BIG THANKYOU TO MY DEAREST FRIEND CINDY. As soon as I found out that a reply had been made here on my blog, I just KNEW it would be my dear friend Cindy. What a girl. Behind me every step of the way, leading me on, guiding me, more like a guardian angel really. The only trouble is there's a great big massive pond between us. LOL
Ha! now I know I've embarassed you, Cindy.
She is the lovely young lady who 'runs' the Craft Happy Website, the friendliest site in the whole cyber universe. Link HERE
You'll be given a mighty fine welcome from everyone there.

The painting, it's going wrong, I keep looking at them, adding a detail here and there, but I can't get the lips right, waaay too effiminate. I'll keep going strong. maybe

Here are two pix of the 'healing' doll that I am making. pic 1 is day one, pic 2 is day 6. You will notice that at first aI used an ordinary vintage button for her face, but changed it to a lovely fimo rose bead, from my new affair, ebay.

I'm not sure about the wings, but I think i will stick to my original plan of Wire outstretched upwards and beaded.
Got to go, waaaaay past my bedtime.

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