Tuesday, 17 July 2007

4 days til D-Day

Big Move day coming up on Saturday 21st.

I'm tired out, worn out, and bored.

How can you be bored with so much to do? you may ask.

I'm bored cos I can't do any art. Half of my stuff is at the new house, and this house looks so depressing with boxes, and stuff lying about. I have no incentive to do any art at all. and it depresses me.

I'm really sorry to leave this house. I have loved living here. It is soooo quiet and peaceful, and for the first time in years I feel safe. When I lived in London, I caught two men breaking into my home. My DD was still a baby, and I was coming back from shopping. There were two men, both very tall, and one had his hand through a window at the side of the door. They had broken it, and because it was only a yale lock, they were just about to open the door and get in.

I can still remember it as clear as anything, and it was nearly 30 years ago. Believe it or not. I chased after them both, and there's me only 5 foot tall.

I called the police, and two detectives came round. When I said that I was terrified of being in the house on my own, one replied, "Just let me know love, and i'll come round and keep you company". Nice, not.

My husband was working for the Metropolitan Police in the Engineers department, dealing with central heating etc. When I told him what the detectives had said, he told his boss who wasn't amused.
Needless to say, absolutely nothing was done about it.

We eventually moved back to my birthplace, Chesterfield, as I never did feel safe after that.

Then we found we were living next door to the neighbours from hell. They made my life hell.

Since then I've moved 3 more times, and we were hoping that this was to be the one to settle in to. But this Landlord drove me potty.
So we're off again, just up the road, but it won't be as quiet, as it's a busier road, not a main one thogh. so we'll see what happens here. Not too positive about it at the moment. Promised 2 sets of keys, only got one. Drainhole near the front door blocked, so my DD sorted it.
Last tenants, left a great big pile of rubbish in the back garden, the grass is knee high, and Landlord said he would sort it. Has he heck as like. Can't see our poor dog Toby when he goes in amongst the grass.

So far I've filled two wheelie bins of the rubbish, but the rest is too large, so I'm going to have to call the council to take it all. Plus in the garage they left a washing machine, large tv, hoover, and a fridge. so I've got to get rid of them as well. Aaaaaargh. Must keep taking the pills LOL
2nd August, the Agents will be coming round to see if anything is wrong. They will be wishing that they hadn't, when I've finished with them.

I feel better for that, but I'm sure that you don't.

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Artyfax said...

Just catching up after my short break. I know you have your broadband in now, hope that you are starting to settle and able to get down to some art work - it always helps me to relax and put things into perspective - John