Sunday, 16 September 2007


took me 2 months to get back in this blog. IT WOULDN'T LET ME IN.
Right here is last week's ACEO that was for sale in ebay. it didn't sell so i've relisted. The bottle is my own design, printed on acetate, with a fairy behind. This is put on foam pads to give the effect of of 3-D.

Next are 4 ACEO Dolls i've made of the fab four.

These are paper dolls that when folded up are ACEO size. Thesse went up today on ebay. if they don't sell they'll be going to my new etsy shop.


Artyfax said...

Hi Margaret - must have ben a frustrating time not being able to get in. I would have been tearing my hair out.

Love the fairy in a bottle! I have had some acetatae sheet for ages but never got around to using it. I will be thinking hard for some possibilities after seeing this. I will be trying to think out of the box for a new idea though.... watch this space!

Naj said...

Nice to see you back.. the fairy in a bottle is lovely, and love the fab four!

Ebay is a very fickle market, and there's only a few days for people to catch sight of your auction listing. (I have to produce work to the market to sell anything!) Just a thought..your work may do well on the etsy site.

Dot said...

Oh my goodness - these are so good. Very, very clever.