Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Once again, blogger has been a pain in the derriere, and wouldn't let me in. Fingers crossed this time, it'll work when i try to re-enter.
My latest 'craze' at the moment is Zettiology, and my heroine Teesha Moore. I have ordered several stamps from her and absolutely love her work. I have a growing collection of works my latest being a Zetti postcard for New Inspirations, group swap.

Love the wacky weirdness about it, and my love of colour is being brought to the fore.

I was kindly asked yesterday, from a Gallery/shop owner in Chesterfield, if i would like to exhibit there for a month in their shop window. WOULD I LOL.

So in April my work will be on display for all to see in Chesterfield, my birthplace.

I've decided to go with the theme Zettiology, but not quite sure if Chesterfield is ready for it. HAHAHA. Will keep you informed every step of the way (DID YOU HEAR THAT BLOGGER, I SAID EEEEEVERY STEP OF THE WAY). HAHA. we'll see tomorrow.

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