Monday, 18 February 2008

Altered Jigsaw

This is my first ever altered jigsaw that i made for a Jam swap I've joined . There's five of us altogether in the swap, and I have chose the theme Shabby Chic for my pieces.

This first piece I've altered is for Nicky, and the theme she has chosen is Family, and so after MUCH deliberation, decided to go with "Home", as i consider this the heart of the Family.
I used a metal buckle for the house, after seeing them being used by Dot
the Dotee Queen , in the same way. I loved the effect she got with them, thought they made the PERFECT house shape, and by chance came across them on Etsy, being sold by a Julieh7 in Australia. They took less than a week to get here.

They are originally silver so i sponged them with gold paint, and used a verdigris embossing powder on the edging.

The actual jigsaw, i covered with 3 colours of tissue paper, and embossed on top with gold , and stamped around the edge with turquoise chalk ink.

The initial N (which is what Nicky asked to be incorporated), I hand drew and cut out of thick card, painted with acrylic paint, embossed again with gold and embellished with different beads and wire

I just hope she likes it, as she is an expert at altered art, and i'm just a novice. lol

My husband is at last on the mend, and so I can breathe a sigh of relief. I have been soooooo busy, looking after him, painting 2 pix for the exhibition, (which i'm not sure they will like), did the altered jigsaw, and started the dotee for Queen Dot. Sooooooooo worried about this one, cos she is the master, and me a mere mortal, lol, so have spent a week just searching for ideas to try and get it perfect for her. Again i hope she likes it. I've done the Zetti ATC's for her, and want to put a couple of extra's in the parcel before it flies its way over to Australia. Better put extra large wings on it, cos it has a looong journey.

I hope you like my choice of music that i've selected for my blog. All 11 songs are by Michael Buble. Can you tell i like him lol. ROFLOL.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Margaret, I was nervous before, now I'm paralized with fright lol!!
It's lovely, now how do I follow that? Cindy x

Julie H said...

Thanks so much for linking to my Etsy. I love what you have done with the buckle.

More than that I really like all your art - what a variety - the button pins and folding house ATC are just delicious and so different to each other.

Artyfax said...

You are keeping busy Margaret. Love the ideas in this piece. Will have to do a little "altering" to keep up with you all on NI

Maureen said...

Your Jigsaw piece is lovely Margaret - maureen x

Jan said...

Wowee Margaret - Queen of Everything!!! xxx


oh how i wished Jan.

Thankyou everyone for making such kind comments. I really do appreciate it

Nicks said...

i think it looks just awesome, can't wait to see it in real life cos i bet it looks EVEN better

(PS Expert.......... PMSL.... just fell off the sofa)


well i KNOW you're an expert at altered art, Nicks, cos i love your work.