Friday, 15 February 2008


Got myself into a pickle, trying to do too much at the same time.
Swapping, sewing, Designing dolls, NOT painting for a forthcoming exhibition, and my Dear Husband taken ill. He suffers soooooo many different ailments that i won't bore you with, but it breaks my heart whenever he takes ill. Hopefully he's on the mend.

managed to get a dottee doll done early this morning. This is for a swap-bot one for one swap, in the shabby chic style.

My favourite part is the hat, made with a cut up crocheted coaster doily, with a polymer clay rose attached. I love this bead, and can't find any more of them. The lady who I bought them from (i managed to get only 2), no longer operates on ebay, so booo hooooo. lol

I've managed to make a start on a couple of small canvases on my forthcoming exhibition. Not sure if they'lll work, but that is my reaction on EVERY painting I have ever done. We'll see. It will probably evolve as i go along. This is mainly because I'm trying to FIND myself in this particularly style. Zetti. Love love love it, but want to try and evolve it into my 'own' style. We'll see. lol

I'm also trying to design my own art dolls, and when i do, you will all be the first to see them LOL.

I will also be offering free patterns for various dolls, just as a thankyou for looking at my blog.

So this is it for today, my glass of wine beckons, and so i bid farewell my friend.


Maureen said...

She is a beauty Margaret - maureen x

Dot said...

Hi Margaret

I know too well how it easy it is to try and do too much at the same time! Very sorry to hear that your husband has taken ill and hope he is better soon.

Your shabby chic Dotee is gorgeous! Your swap partner is going to love her.

Look forward to seeing your new zetti work and your art dolls too (you are very versatile!).

Dot xx

Artyfax said...

nice one Margaret!

Hope OH is feeling better - John

Jan said...

Take is easy my friend xxxxx

JafaBrit's Art said...

I know the feeling, so much to do, so much want to do, not enough time.

I love the face on the doll :)

Hope your husband gets better soon and sending my best :)