Sunday, 3 February 2008


Got several projects on the go, today, but nothing to show for it.

First off, my altered book that i'm making from a children's board book on cars. This has wheels attached, and as soon as i espied it on the shop shelf, i had to have it. The theme will be zetti. This will be my second altered board book, the first being the one that i made for my secret sister in Australia. She collects Singer memorabilia, and her favourite colour is pink, so the theme for the book was Singer lol. She was absolutely thrilled with it.
Here it is in chronological order, from front cover to the back.

Second project on the go is my assemblage doll. this isn't going according to plan, aarrggghhh, but i WILL get therre in the end. Waiting for the air dry clay hands to dry and then painted.

Third project is the altered jewellery stand,which just waiting for it's lace skirt to be added. WHEN i get some more lace.

Last project on the go, is a cupcake pincushion. WHY you ask yourself. well i just like the loook of em, not bad to eat neither lol. I first got hooked on them when i did a cupcake ATC, that i painted, for a challenge for an American group, celebrating it's first birthday.
It had to incorporate the word Celebrate. This has gone to live in the USA, to a friend's sister, who collects cupcake memorabilia.

During my research on cupcakes, i found some beautiful cu[pcake pincushions on Etsy. in fact quite a few people are doing them. Well I've searched and searched for a pattern and eventually found one here at
It's not quite what i wanted, but i will be adapting it.


JafaBrit's Art said...

I fun looking at all your projects, the altered book is so much fun to explore. Love the cupcakes :)

Jinny say's said...

wow that book loks amazing! quite a lot of work gone into that I see-you are a clever stick.....tut taaarrt