Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Zettiology Doll

This morning I have managed to finish Project 3, my first ever assemblage doll.The is made out of a child's building block, dice and dominoes, and with a dolls head on top. Her collar is made from cut outs from a pack of cards. The hands i made from air dry clay, using a set of cutters especially for clay.

I couldn't resist turning her into a Zetti, lol, so her name is Lucky Zetti.

Please be gentle with me, as like i said it's my first one, and i thought i'd start small, and work my way up. The only problem with that theory, is that i think it was harder and more fiddlier working on a small scale. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, so this one HAS to stay at home with Mom.

The jewellery stand, is practically finished, just waiting for some lace to arrive from ebay, which i've won just this second lol. 16 metres for £2.50 which includes postage. WOWEEEEE. 3 different types, included two types of crochet lace, and all three nice and narrow, which will come in handy for my dolls.
The lace is going to be made into a skirt, using strips of lace just hanging from a waist band. Might need to tea-stain them first, we'll see when they arrive.

My altered board book, is taking some time, just with the sanding and gessoing. Mind you it is a pretty large book, so i think this project will be a long term one. I'll post it by the page when each one is finished, otherwise, you'll be having a loooooooong wait to see the finished project.


Jinny say's said...

Ohh la la....MISSES
She's very different, in a good way of course-did you have fun making her? despite the fiddly bits?;0-looks way to fiddly for moi-you clever stick you!

WendyK said...

Well as Jinny said, she is certainly different. I presume there is a headless doll around somewhere.
She's great, love all the different bits you've used

Dot said...