Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Yesterday,had a day off from altered art, but managed to make one small cupcake pincushionbased around a bottlecap from a 2 ltr plastic bottle of lemonade (soda).

I think it is soooooo cute, and i love this tiny little pincushion. I'm afraid the photo does not give it justice. It measures 1" high by 1.5" width.
The pattern is from a lovely lady on Flickr verybigjen
She also gives more patterns if you register at her website medievalbeads.com.

I have cut out and half sewn a larger version, which SHOULD be finished today, but i must get back to my altered art as well.
I am hosting monthly doll swaps at a yahoo group, and this month is the button fairy. The button part was finished a while back, but for the wings, i am using a resin butterfly Xmas ornament, which i'm painting to match the buttons. NEARLY finished but not quite.

May pop back later today if i have managed to finish any of my other projects.

If not, have a really nice day, all of you.

Finished project number 2, thebutton fairy. For this i used vintage buttons, and for the wings, a resin Butterfly Xmas ornament, bought for 30p in the January Sales. I may be keeping this one, or even attempt to sell it on ebay. I'll have a think about it.
Wish i'd bought more of the butterfly ornaments now, but managed to get 3 altogether.
Hope you like.


crafty said...

hi yer,
luv yer button fairy, colours aree wonderful.
your art doll yahoo group is it open or invite only?
if open could you pls send me the url as I would love to join
cheers joan in italy


i've emailed you Joan.

Jinny say's said...

I say ole bean.....Margaret this is fandabbydozy-love the colours and the butterfly wings!

WendyK said...

She's gorgeous, love the colours

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your Butterfly Button, awesome, and I love the colours!