Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Despite waking up feeling absolutely terrible this morning, with sore throat, swollen glands and laryngitus, I managed to make another doll for my etsy shop. This is another Booby doll, made with Liberty fabric, and lots of beads. I'm afraid it's only a scan, because it's now nightfall. Tomorrow i will take a photo, so that i can put it in my shop. After such a great start, well selling one ACEO, it has come to a standstill. I really hope i can make a go of this, as it's something i really want to do. We'll see.

The tutorial has come to a completely standstill, because the materials needed to finish it, STILL havn't arrived from ebay. Looks like he won't be getting a good feedback.
The tutorial is all typed up, just waiting for its final stage and then you will be able to see it. It'll teach me to never promise something until you can be 100% sure that it is possible to do.


Jinny said...

You like these little art dolls,not sure I could make one as there is the S woed involved teehee.
I will let you make them, seeingas you are good at them :}

My name is CINDY...... said...

Know what you mean Jinny, me and the S word don't get on too well either. But they are lovely Margaret so keep on S*****. :0)

Viola said...

Your art is wonderful, Margaret!
Love your dolls, Zettis and and and... :o) Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments.
I will linking to you, too! :o)

Poppy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the art doll you did. Love that you made her a full figured girl she is a keeper!

Jill in Florida

Anonymous said...

hahaha pamela anderson will be jealous!! very original and fun. love the zetti doll below as well. thanks for stopping by my blog.

Dot said...

So sorry to hear you are unwell my friend. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Your dolls are wonderful as is all of your art! I have the zetti house you sent to me hung up on my kitchen wall - will send you a photo of it's new home :) And my Paul Mcartney ATC is standing hapoily on his own (now I have pulled his legs out he heee!).
Dot xx

Sanja said...

your dolls are beautiful!!!:0)


Love the look of this doll - I'm a bit butterfingered so this is pretty special to me. It's very well made (in more ways than one teehee!)


JafaBrit's Art said...

I like your new template :) and banner header. Of course I think the doll is way cool and I like the fact she has BOOBIES lol! a real woman with curves.

I think you will like nancy's newest doll (will post on jafagirlart in a couple of days).

JafaBrit's Art said...

ps. sending chicken soup and get well soon.

Martha Marshall said...

Your work is just magical! I "met" you through Dina, and hearted your Etsy as well. So great to find you.

I'm off now to look at more of this eye candy and catch up on my reading!!