Sunday, 15 June 2008


Well here is the final altered Angel.
The Queen

Not the best of pictures, as it is a scan. Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge.

This was made using a buckle sent to me by my friend Sheila. As soon as i received the buckle i could see the Altered Angel in my mind.

The 'wings' are cut out from cereal packets, the halo is from a pastry cutter, there is a hair slide placed at the bottom, and buttons, a washer and some beads.

The canvas has be coloured using distressed ink pads.

The text inside the buckle is from a vintage book about Royal palaces in England, hence her name.

These are the final altered angels for the exhibition.

Struggling with the painting, but nearly finished one. Not sure whether to go with another painting or more altered art. I havn't much time, as i will have to deliver the goods on Wednesday, so think i will be cutting it fine by doing anything else.

I have to make sure that the canvases have clean edges, and varnished, make sure the altered art is TRULY glued down, and then wrap and pack, and off to my beloved Chesterfield.

BTW, the altered photo frame and the final painting will be posted as soon as it's bright enough and the wind has stopped so that i can take photos.


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Another fabulous angel, Margaret! Awesome!

Tosh Fomby said...

Nice to see that you're creating again. Another thing. What's the concept behind altered angels. I have a speculation but shy about posting it here. I could be wrong, you know. Also, I'm a subscriber now, so I don't have to guess about what you're doing now.

My Best,

PS: I'm hopeful you'll sell a lot of work at your upcoming show.


Hi, Tosh, i would love to hear your idea behind the concept.

Viola said...

Just gorgeous!!!

Artyfax said...

I am seriously thinking of doing some assemblage (is that what you are doing?) . Looks so much fun!

The results are great, here's hoping that you get a few sales.

Jinny said...

Well you already know I am a fan of your stuff- loving this altered Queen......Yeah it will be a sell out Mrs xxxxxxxxxx

Sanja said...

fabulos work,Margaret!

Sian said...

Wow! What more can I say? Absolutely stunning!