Monday, 16 June 2008

Zetti & Shabby Chic

Well what a mixture, LOL.

Here are the final two pieces of work that hopefully will be exhibited this coming weekend.

I have already said how worried I am about the gallery owner not liking my work, so have emailed the photos of them all, and stated that i won't be offended if he doesn't like them.

So here is the altered photo frame, which took me over 2 weeks to make. Longer than a bloomin painting i might add LOL

The second piece of work, is my acrylic painting on canvas, of a Derby Ram.

The Derby Ram (known as the Derby Tup in Derbyshire), is the emblem of Derbyshire. The buildings are of the Market Hall, Crooked Spire, and one of a pub LOL. Had to get that one in.


Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 20"

I'll let you know the gallery/shop owner's reaction.

So the exhibition hopefully will consist of the 3 altered angels, altered jigsaw and bottle, Mona goes Zetti painting and Chesterfield goes Zetti paintings and the 3 Zetti Fairys


JafaBrit's Art said...

I would imagine the altered frame took time and thought to put together. I look forward to hearing the gallery owner's reaction.

I like the Ram painting :)

liz said...

Don't know how I've missed your blog before because I've definitely seen you distinctive picture (Vbg) What interesting things. I haven't finished reading to see where the gallery is, but I'd love to see these things in the real. Your profile age, somewhere between 21 and death is great! Can I use it as well?


The gallery owner, says he will use everything, and that I will be an inspiration to others.


Sherry said...

FANTASTIC NEWS Margaret - wooohooo!! I do agree - your work is truly inspirational xx

Artyfax said...

I should think that the gallery owner would be over the moon. There is a great deal of stupendous art for those who are able to appreciate it and will give his clientel something to talk about. He should be paying you to exhibit this stuff, it could well get him into the local paper. John


I really do thankyou for your kind comments.
Very much appreciated.

Maureen said...

Wonderful Margaret, love the Ram and the frame - as I said it will be a good expo!

Viola said...

Both pieces are soooo great, Margaret!! Fabulous!! :-)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I was going to say he would be crazy if he didn't take it all, but I see he is a sane man! Best of luck and if you are selling here's hoping you sell the whole boatload!

purplecat said...

Hi Margaret, catching up with everyones blog from atcsforall, love your altered frame!
I will pop in now I have found you

Mieke said...

Wowwieee love them both!!

Sian said...

These are fantastic. Good luck with the exhibition.

Jacky said...

I love your zetti pieces Margaret! I think the gallery owner will be quite taken with them.
Well done on getting ready for this exhibition of your art - remember to know your own worth, your art is lovely, be proud of it!