Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Chocolate Cupcakes

Here are two more brooches, both made from the faux leather.
It reminds me of a chocolate glaze, which inspired me to use them with the cupcakes. Hence the title Chocolate Cupcakes LOL.

The one on the left is an orange liquer base with lavendar scented icingtop, whereas the one on the right is a blueberry base with rose petal scented icing on top.

HAHA not really but if they WERE real cupcakes that is what they would be made of.

Getting a bit excited as my annual holiday is coming up, and i can't wait. We'll be staying in a luxury hotel (i hope lol), and be waited on hand and foot. After the massive upheaval of moving home, and with the various health issues with both myself and my dear husband, this holiday will be a very welcome break.

I've found a tutorial for making a dahlia brooch, which is made from ric rac, and hope to make several of these next week (when i've got the ric rac from ebay lol).

One good thing about putting the pictures of the brooches here on blog first, is that i can see exactly what needs adjusting.

The faux leather one with the vintage buttons definitely needs some additions and also the white lace one. So these will be done before placing them on etsy Friday evening.

Have a good day my friends


JafaBrit's Art said...

hum, I could have used these for our reception at the chamberpot gallery LOL! they just look YUMMY and beautifully done.

Hope you have LOVELY hol.

Tosh Fomby said...

How delicious. I could almost smell the description. Really like the lace one you posted previously too.

BELINDA said...

Hi Margaret Wow these are cute but look to yummy, there making me want a cup cake lol you holiday sounds great.Belinda

Mandy C said...

it looks like you could eat these. fab work!