Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Last minute makes

Managed to sneak in a couple of more things to take to the exhibition this afternoon.

First off a captured fairy in a jar. I've been longing to have a go at one of these, and will definitely make another, but next time not so rushed.

Veeery difficult to photograph

Next up is an old acrylic painting of mine, on paper. The poor thing has been stuck in a folder for quite some time, so dragged it out of the mothballs lol, and mounted it on canvas. Added a few lace flowers and buttons, and voila, Cat Fairy has been re-born.

Now everything is done, i will spend this evening giving my room a good clean up. I must be the world's messiest painter/crafter. So everything will be put in order, and then i am going to have a go at making some fabric bracelets for my etsy shop, plus other things as well.

This next lot will be my last go at making my etsy shop work. I'll give it another 4 months, and then i will definitely pack it in, if i don't make any sales. Bit disappointing really, but they say your shop has be jam packed with stuff, but i can't really afford to do that.

Oh well we'll see how it goes. Like i said, i'm going to be adding a bigger array of goods, and eventually some Fine Art as well.


purplecat said...

Love your captured fairy! its something I would love to do!
Good luck with your etsy shop, I have been contemplating having a shop on there, sounds like its harder than I thought1

Clare said...

HI Margaret not seen you on do crafts for ages and happened across that lady in curlers picture from artyfax and recognised you hehe. Hope you are well and love your blog

BELINDA said...

Hi Margaret, I just wanted to say good luck with the exhibition and I really hope you do well,your art is amazing and so is your etsy shop keep up the good work. I s having an etsy shop hard work? I'd love to open one.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Awesome last minute items. I wish you a fabulous show. Don't sweat it on the Etsy shop, though. It just takes one person that sees it and loves it to make a sale. Sometimes when I bring awesome things to the shops I sell at they sit there a year and then the right person walks in and it is bought. It just takes time.

Kathy said...


I just found your blog...

I can't believe you are worried the gallery owner won't like your needn't worry, your work is beautiful.

Your altered photo frame in the last post is just beautiful...and I peeked at some of your older posts and your other work is just as wonderful.

The very best wishes for an incredible show!

Tosh Fomby said...


You may want to try It's free to list and a small percentage when you sell. It's worth trying.


Artyfax said...

Good luck with the exhibition. wish I could afford the time to see the pieces close-up but sorry it has been a ridiculously busy time for me.

I have looked at Etsy and despite seeing the name cropping up all over the place on the internet I am a little suspicious of its viability. I still feel it is a USA based thing, and although I have registered I haven't listed anything yet. I am trying ebay again at the moment but prices seem so low for art goodies.

liz said...

Good luck with your exhibition from me too. I like your captured fairy too, what an original idea.

JafaBrit's Art said...

great way to rework a painting :)

all the best with the exhibit AND with the etsy.

Jinny said...

Margaret just got round to doing blogs.....I am loving the cat pic and the fairy in a jar...not sure i would fancy that as looks too it?
Good luck with your exhibition honey-SELL OUT I SAY!!


veeery fiddly, not sure i could do it over and over again.