Sunday, 29 June 2008


Double good news for me today.

First off i sold one of my flower brooches today to my dear friend Cindy, in the USA>what a sweetheart she is.

English country garden

Secondly i was featured on Etsy Treasury, so doubly pleased.

So what am i up to today, on this wet and miserableSunday.

Making a matroyshka door hanger, that's what lol.

I bought the material from etsy a few months ago, and have only just got round to using it. I'm sewing on tiny seed beads, and having reeeeeeal trouble thread the needle. Broke two needle threaders so am having to resort to my DH being my needle threader LOL, hahaha.

The trouble is, you have to have a reeeeeeally fine needle to pass through the beads, and i can hardly see the eye, even with my new specs. Oh well. maybe get it finished today, we'll see, cos i'm not sure if i am going to cover it entirely with seed beads. I'll see as i go along.

I bought some beautiful lavender flower heads to put inside, so it could be used as a pomander, or as a scented wardrobe hanger.

If these don't sell, i think they would make great xmas pressies lol.

Yay, finished it, even though it's taken me all day. And boy does it smell beauuutiful. Put the English lavender instead along with the stuffing, and oooooh, brings back memories, of old aunties, english countryside etc.


purplecat said...

Well done on being featured on etsy!, love the Matroyshka doll.

Maureen said...

I bought some 'self adhesive beads during last week - looks like they may be good for you!! - will e mail the details if you want them.


i think they'd be brilliant maureen. lol

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Can't wait to see the brooch and love the little dolly. There is othing better smelling than lavendar.

My name is CINDY...... said...

She is a beaut!! What a great post, had to laugh at the needle threading - this is why I don't do much beading these days!!

And lavender - my mum always made little lavender dolls to give at Christmas as well as other home made gifts - in the days when not everything came from boots and argos!! I've probably got one somewhere. They were always intended to be for your handkerchief drawer - remember handkerchiefs!! Thanks for the memory.

Jacky said...

Love your Matroyshka doll... good days art I think !!!

Sanja said...

great Matroyshka,Margaret!!