Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Today, i cried tears of joy, knowing that i have such dear friends out there in the cyberspacial world.

Why you ask,

Well for one my dear friend Belinda in Tasmania, sent me a magnificent parcel of beauuuutiful things.

I was a very lucky winner on her recent draw for an Art Doll, and this arrived just this veryminute,


and with it, some absolutely fantastic blingingly beautiful Buttons. oh sooooo fancy and delumptious. All in a little compartmentalized box. soooo sweet.

Also amongst the beautiful things were some pieces of lace, hand-dyed by Belinda herself. The scan does not do justice to the beautiful colouring that she has achieved with them.
How do you dye them Belinda, i'd love to know.

Many many thanks Belinda, it means soooo much to me. I find it amazing that I've found a friend in Tasmania. I've always looked on that country with amazement. Australia to us in the UK is the other side of the world, but Tasmania seems even further away and more exotic, making our friendship even more special.

So where did the tears of laughter come from.

Well, from my very very dear friend Jan, whom i've known for over a year now, but have still never met.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to swap with her in this weeks MAMMA's weekly challenge.

I really like the effect of this. Jan printed the raindrops on acetate, which i think is a really innovative idea. Beautiful poetry with this as well. Arn't i lucky.
Jan also sent me one of her altered game pieces made into a magnet, and boy did this make me laugh.

Why you ask, did it make me laugh so much.

One of the reasons was, that another great friend, Maureen, (my other partner in this weeks MAMMA's swap, lucky lucky lucky me, cos it's one of Maureen's fabric ATC"s, can't wait to get it), well Maureen sent me an ATC for the New Inspirations yahoo group Chain Swap.
Here it is lol

Do you think these two are trying to tell me something hahahahahahaha,
Yes i do like a drink, and yes this lady depicts me very well, but am getting a bit worried now, not, lol, haha. about what people think of me. ONLY JOKING LADIES. But I'm sure these two are in cahoots together lol.

So once again, thankyou to you all, for brightening up my day so very very much.

PS, I'm still struggling for time, and missing out on everyone's blogs. I will try and catch up later today, after the hospital appointments.


Maureen said...

A complete coincidence Margaret - truly - but a great laugh all the same. I really covet that beautiful lace!!!!

My name is CINDY...... said...

ha ha - they've got you taped missus!! Belinda's dolls are GORGEOUS - I got my one today (and I tink she used a piece of that beautiful bluey purple lace on it - the colour is gorgeous!!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, Margaret!

That is a lot of awesome! That doll is great and the ATCs well great, too!

Jan said...

Ooh that made me laugh too.. no collaboration with Maureen, I assure you!
You are such a very sweet lady, you deserve all the love and the beautiful things that come your way because your warmth, enthusiasm and generosity is given out in abundance to everyone else.
Take care, my dear friend xxx

Mixed media dayz said...
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Belinda said...

Sorry Margaret the deleted post was me I was signed by my other blog and tryed to change it. Anyway I am so glad you received your doll and you like her. Thank you for your kind words you are a dear. Belinda

Sherry said...

It's so nice to receive lovely things in the post - especially when they're unexpected - and you did amazingly well Margaret - and deservedly so.
The art doll looks fantastic.
Cheers .... oops I mean take care - lol xx


will you lot stop making me cry please xxxxx

Dot said...

What a lovely post full of art. Love the gifts you received. And you deserve to be showered with gifts EVERY day my friend. You are such a special soul.

I have been thinking of you and sending prayers for your health.

Dot xx

nfaband said...
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nfaband said...

Hey girlfriend, I can't tell you how darn hard it is to keep up with you, but it appears I've found you once again. Gosh I've miss you and your gorgeous artwork. I've been thinking about you ... hope you'll stop in (you know where) and give me your new mailing address so we can keep in touch.

BTW ... you are a lucky girl to receive all those goodies in the mail. You obviously have very talented friends.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the rain drops collage!