Sunday, 3 August 2008


No, I've not gone over dear hubby lol,or swapped him for a younger model. (Might consider it if it was for Michael Buble hahahqaha), but at long last i decided to play around with my brand new computerised embroidery sewing machine. My that's a mouthful.

And what on earth was wrong with me. I kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally today i decided that i just HAD to get it out of its box.


I can't believe how clever the thing is, even though in someways it feels like cheating, but oh how i love the intricate stitches.

Here are 2 samples that i have just done, on black felt.

They do not include all the possible stitches, as there are 69 altogether.

The second example i have cut into ATC size, and will be adding and embellishing it later.

Had some good news last week from the Gallery/shop owner, who says he managed to sell two of my pieces of work, which was a big suprise. I am going into Chesterfield tomorrow to pick up the other pieces of work, and to meet my dear friend Frances, who I met at University. I'm really looking forward to meeting her, and discussing the Artworld, something i havn't done in months.

We will probably be popping into a pub for lunch, and may partake of a lager lol. I promise to stay sober.


Artyfax said...

Great news Margaret, I nearly posted a question on NI about your exhibition as you had been very quiet about it. But felt that if you had any new you would let us know - and there it is

mmmm, computerised sewing machine, seems a little like cheating - but I can foresee some very original atc's coming up. LOL

Kristin Hubick said...

Congrats on your sales Margaret! How exciting! I also love the stitches from you new machine!
Warm Regards,

JafaBrit's Art said...

wow, those stitches are really something. I can see you are going to have a blast with those.

congrats on the sale, and oh how I envy your pub lunch. have a smashing time.

Maureen said...

Congrats on the sales, and enjoy your machine but just remember that Jan and I will be thinking of you having that pub lunch!!!!!

Genie said...

Hope your pub lunch was good.
Congrats on your sale

Linda said...

Thats very impressive - you could cut them up and use them as borders. Or even scan them....oooh I want one!!!
Nice to meet a local lass by the way; I live in Sandiacre.

Viola said...

Great stitches!!!

Mam said...

Margaret, I am having a lot of fun looking over your blog. What a lot of wonderful work!