Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Another 2 part story.
First the 'Bloomin Eck"

After my last report, i thought things couldn't get worse. but they did lol

Bought a new vacuum cleaner, and in just under 5 minutes, managed to break it. shoot

The plumber arrived, supposedly mended the leak, and lo and behold, made it even worse. Had a different plumber arrive the next day, and fingers crossed it's fixed. Turns out, that the fitters had put the pipe in upside down, when fitting the new sink, can you belieeeeeeve it.

What else?. Well several other purchases turned out to have bad workmanship, and the weather is atrocious, and i've a headache, and i've run out of wine. lol. Keep taking the tablets girl. roflol

So what about the second part of the story "Marc Bolan".

Well this week is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. Can't say who, as it will give the game away. THINK she is a fan of Marc Bolan, well if not she'll have to be roflol.

I'm sure most of you know of Marc Bolan from the group "T Rex" and if not WHY NOT.

So i have done her a small drawing/painting, with brusho inks and permanent marker pen, on mountboard 8" x 8" (20cm square)

On Mamma's Flickr group, i caused a bit of a furore with the choice of this weeks theme.
KAWAII. what's wrong with that i ask you.
Still it's supposed to be a challenge as well as a swap group roflol. I wanted everyone to get away from the vintage, wings etc. type of thing that we all end up doing. I LOVE A CHALLENGE.

I'll show you my efforts when i've finished them, hopefully today.


Ragtree said...

Margaret, I fixed my mistake an now you're top billing on my blog :)

I LOVE your work. I hearted your Etsy shop. You're so talented that I'm a weee bit jealous (but at least my vacuum is working!)

Renee :)

Agnes the Red said...

Lovin that Marc picture Margaret! As for the Kawaii challenge - not one vintage fairy wing on mine LOL!

Hope you get all those bits and bobs fixed and sorted - doesn't just rain....but it pours...in all senses!
Ange x

JafaBrit's Art said...

oh yes, I remember Marc Bolan. What a great pic.

Hope the week gets better.

purplecat said...

That is a fantastic drawing of Marc Bolan- metal guru yeh!

TanyaMac said...

Ooh Maggie - this is great!!!

Listen, one of these weeks I'll do a Mamma, but come on.... Kawaii?!!!