Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hello Kitty

As on the previous post i mentioned that i had chosen the theme KAWAII for Mamma's flickr group swap/challenge.

Here are the 2 cards that i have made especially for the challenge

Hello Kitty ATC
made in felt

Funny BunnyATC
my own design
made from felt

Since making the Hello Kitty ATC, i started looking around, and found all kinds of weird and wonderful items out there.

First of all a Notebook PC

even makes the toast hello kitty patterned

exhaust pipe
cute eh?

Wedding dress from Etsy seller? $4,000
so elegant
There are even hello kitty wedding rings
Once you're married you can even buy your dear husband hello kitty boxer shorts

And even a power sander for him to take to work

But I thought i'd leave the best to last.

a cute alsation puppy
with his own hello kitty toys

a real life kitty wearing a hello kitty outfit.

There are tons more stuff with the hello kitty emblem on them. Sewing machines, toilet seats, bodyfat monitors, fridges, the list goes on and on.

So i've fallen in love with an imaginary kitten.
As if,

so here's the REAL Hello Kitty, zettified.

I have had a BLAST doing this week's challenge/swap, i don't think i have laughed this much in yonks.

Researching the photos for todays blog, i had so many tears of laughter streaming down my face, that i choked on em ROFLOL.

Can you IMAGINE getting married in that dress. for pity's sake. lol

And as for the poor hubby, not only having to wear those dam boxers, but having to cart a hello kitty power sander to work, with all his butch carpenter workmates taking the p**s. HAHAHAHAHA

The dog and cat ones are my favourites. The look on that dog's face, can you believe it. I think he has a mental problem, as well as the owner.
And as for the cat owner, can she have any fingers left, after getting that thing on the cats head.



nayski said...

whew - you had me going there for a minute! your zetti kitty is awesome though!!! very funny post

Agnes the Red said...

OMG I WANT that wedding dress......


Oh dear, I'm feeling sick laughing so much at it!

As for the dog photo - I came across that picture too - I think the weird happy spaced out look on it's face is due to the meds he's on - to cope with putting up with an owner who thinks it's fun to humiliate him by dressing him up in such terrible stuff. Just got home from shopping and while out I saw a woman with a Dashound wearing a pink romper suit !?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!
Ange (bewildered of Birmingham)


Ange, i can just see you in that wedding dress. would look divine with your bright red hair roflol

Artyfax said...

- MArgaret, like some others, you had me worried but I should have known - John

Viv's Visuals said...

I am could you poke fun at this wonderful kitty creation? Some young lady will look absolutely stunning on her wedding day in such a beeeeeoootiful frock...and I bet the groom wears them shorts, and on their honeymoon they have kitty toast... (Thought alice's frock in vicar of dibley was good but this takes the first prize.....)And will someone tell me what is wrong with pink romper suits?????????

Cindy Is Crafty said...

You really had me going, too. I would pay cash money to see that hello kitty cap on your head! Now that would be a site!

Mam said...

I think we're all going round the bend! Can you get sugar shock from looking at 'sweetness'?
But the "Hello Zetti" is the very best.
Poor*&%yuk yuk yuk *(@ kitty! bwaaaaa.

Amanda said...



LOL.. I saw pictures online somewhere of a whole wedding done up in hello kitty... can't imagine any guys going through with it... but i guess japanese men are more in touch with their sensitive side???

Maureen said...

Am I missing something, should I have heard of Hello Kitty or is it a non UK thing? - brilliant post tho' Margaret.

My name is CINDY...... said...

How funny is that - the poor dog!! And I bet that guy feels butch getting out his hello kitty power tools!!

BUT I LOVE HELLO ZETTI!!!!!! gorgeous Margaret.

Belinda said...

Hi Margaret, I love your sense of humour its great. We have a shop here dedicated to that silly cat and my girls play hello kitty computer games :( but I do like your zetti cat. Oh and sorry to hear about all your plumbing and electrics problems what a real pain. Belinda


This is hilarious!! Having 5 daughters we've our share of "Kitty's" in our household, but certainly not as entertaining as this one!!!!!!!! Great job

Sian said...

ROFL! This is brilliant! I LOVE your zettified kitty.

Dawn said...

You did it, you made me laugh lol - who would wear that dress indeed, I know I love Betty boop but I do have my limits lol
Great blog too, added to my bookmarks so I can drop back again x

Jacky said...

Your zettified Hello Kitty is definately THE BEST...with the white cat in the kitty hat coming in second.
Fun stuff...thanks for sharing!