Thursday, 16 October 2008

Funky Felt Pins Stage 2

Here are the first 4 felt pins (brooches) that i've managed to finish so far. Not sure how they will go down as xmas pressies though lol.

I've really enjoyed doing these. I just loooove beading with the tiny seed beads. NEVER have i had patience whilst doing my work, til i started sewing these little beauties. I love the look of them, i just love sewing with them, i love the sound they make when you lay the finished piece on the table. I think i must be cracking up lol.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thankyou to everyone who voted for me in the Mind Wide Open challenge. I was sooo lucky to be a runner up. Can you believe it, cos i can't. With all those beauuuuuutiful pieces of work, i really shouldn't have stood a chance, except for you precious guys out there voted for me. I BOW DOWN IN GRATITUDE. . thankyou.

i've already received my prize, as i elected to go for the Digital download collage sheet. That way i can use it over and over again. I Got to choose from the FABULOUS Shabby Cottage Studio
Thankyou to Gail who sets this monthly challenge. I'm not sure if i have the nerve to enter again, as much as i did enjoy the challenge. Maybe just now and again lol.

Couple of pieces to show you sometime over the weekend, that i MIGHT send off to Stampington & Co, to be considered for the New Marie Antoinette magazine they are publishing next year. I'm so unsure of myself, and feel that i may be bragging, by entering these kinda things. It's just now and again I have a little confidence and think 'yeeeah why not', and sooo regret having entered afterwards.

Still onwards and upwards as the Bishop said to the actress.

Please head on over and leave a Pattie a comment, she'll sure make you welcome.


The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh how cute!! They just want to make you smile when you see them :c}

I'll be sure to check back for that update you promised. Stretching can be quite liberating once you warm up. :c}

Stop by for a visit when you have time I'm having a little giveaway :c}

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Margaret, the bird is awesome. They are all fabulous! You are fabulous, your work is fabulous, hell awesome even! I love all that you do and your zettis are my greatest love.

Never think you are not good enough! To me you are priceless and you inspire me to be better at my art daily!

Jan said...

Believe in yourself Margaret - you deserve every award you are given. I saw that Stampington are going to publish the Marie Antoinette magazine and I honestly think you should have a go because you have done some beautiful pieces of that period already. Good luck!
The brooches are so funky - love the crazy green bird!!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Love the brooches and stop doubting yourself woman!! You have as much right as anyone else to submit things and you know we all think your work is wonderful. Can't wait ti see what you will be sending.

TanyaMac said...

Yeah!!! What Cindy said!!!

Maggies word of the dAY...

Mind Wide Open said...

Well I for one hope to see you over at MWO as an entrant again!
;-) And I can't imagine people wouldn't love those felt pins, I my self would be thrilled with the house one. They are funky, fun and oh so cute.

Mam said...

I really like the way the little pins are turning out. Can't decide which one I want for my birthday. haha. I have little patience with the tiny seed beads, although I do work with them -- their effect is kind of irresistable.
I loved reading your answers to the tag! (singing) "getting to know you, getting to know all about you...lalala laaaaa laaaa", and so on!

Belinda said...

Hi Margaret, yay! for you and well deserved too :) I love the little pins they are so quirky and fun, I love the house too so cute.You should think more of yourself as your art is beautiful, inspiring and shall I say quirky. Belinda

Mieke said...

Oh wow they are georgeous!!! Love the bird!

LeaKarts said...

They look FABulous! I love all of the beads on them now that they're finished.

Congratulations on the runner up award! You deserve every little bit of it :)

Sherry said...

I think you should definitely go for the magazine submission - your work is fantastic. I especially love the ATC.

Your little felt pins are fab too & will make great pressies.

Congrats on MWO - I'd love to see you enter again and you've a great chance of winning. xx