Saturday, 11 October 2008


This week i've been tagged 3 times. No, not electronically tagged or given an ABSO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) roflol
Once by john (Artyfax), then MAM, then Tanyamac

All in all they wish to know 7 things about me so here goes.

1. Waited 32 years to do a Fine Art Degree, only to be disappointed. I had such high expectations of University, but found that i learnt much more from College, (Chesterfield Art College).

2.My favourite artists are JMW Turner, Paul Klee, Rauchenberg, Rachel Whiteread, Sarah Lucas (my kinda humour lol).the list goes on and on lol.

3. Artists i don't like are, Damien Hirst (watched a programme, where he doesn't do ANY of the work, just tells his assistants, oh blob a bit of paint here, a bit of yellow there darling, aaaarrrgggh), and Tracy Emin, who tells porkies about her past life, to try and enhance her artwork.

4. I would walk on fire for my daughter and Grandson who are the light of my life. I couldn't live without them, literally.

5. Which do i prefer Fine Art or Crafts? Crafts everytime, people are sooooo much nicer, friendlier, are there to lend a shoulder to cry on, more talented, i could go on and on, whereas Fine Art are............... (what can i say without being too rude....... )

6. I can only work in a mess. Tidyness restricts my creativity. But i do have to tidy up several times a week, cos i am soooooo messy. but i love it. Plus, i can only do a painting standing up. REALLY cannot paint sitting down, so the older i get the less i can paint, cos the legs eleven can't take it.

6. Went to John Howard Grammar School for Girls, but i'm afraid the bit about learning to be a lady didn't quite work out. roflol. We were taught how to sit properly, talk nicely, eat your peas in a correct ladlylike way, walk with a book on our head? where did it all go wrong hahahaha

7. I like white wine, but then again most of my friends know that. Ahhh but do they know i only like DRY white wine hahahahahahhahahaha. May partake of a bit of rose now and then, 0h and of course i love a lager. oh dear sounding a bit like a lager lout here.

The main things in my life are my immediate family, my art, and my online friends. oh and spending money at the craft shops, and ebay, and etsy, and...........


TanyaMac said...

Oh maggie, what can I say, I'm a serial tagger!

That Hirst fella really riles me too. {especailly after that doc} He really is a bit of a twit... in fact I'd probably go as far as to substitute the 'i' for an 'a'!!! MEEEOOOW!! saucer of :)*

Ragtree said...

Margaret, it is nice to learn so much about you! Very interesting!

Renee :)

Debra said...

Margaret, It was so nice of you to visit my blog. I just had to return the favor. From your "tag" list it seems we have a lot in common. Very Nice.

Artyfax said...

Thanks for taking it seriously Margaret, more than I could manage

Jacky said...

Boy you have been a busy beaver since I have been away!!!
Love your felted pins...the bird one is my favourite.
Loved reading the seven things about you too, thanks for sharing.