Friday, 14 November 2008


I have been unable to do much in the way of art, in fact its been very difficult for me all round.
Last week i had a fall, and the doctor has diagnosed Vertigo. Well i always thought vertigo was a fear of heights (which i suffer from), but in fact Vertigo is when the actual room seems to either spin completely around you, or pulsates in and out. I'm having to get about with a walking stick and hanging on for dear life on to the walls.

I feel like i am absolutely paraletic drunk, whilst walking on a ship on a rough crossing. Everything that i look at spins round and round, and i'm struggling with everyday life. I can't wait for the tablets to start working, as its very frustrating having to have everything done for you.

Managed one day to pull an ATC out of the hat, which was for MAMMA'S swap, the theme being Africa.

I seem to do my best work when in times of stress, and this is definitely one i'm proud of.

Hand painted with Acrylics


... Paige said...

Nice. Sorry bout the vertigo. I get it off and on. I can't even imagine it round the clock.
Get better soon

Belinda said...

HI Margaret so sorry to hear you are not well. I have had inner problems since birth and can suffer with shonky balance sometimes so vertigo must be horrible. The elephant is gorgeous, my mum collects elephants and would love this, she has over 500 of them. Rest up and I hope you are better very soon. Belinda xxx

Genie said...

hope you are feeling better soon ,
Love the Elephant ATC,
have a god weekend

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I have a friend with vertigo and know it is no fun. I am hopeful that the pills will do the trick.

The elephant is lovely!

Jinny Holt said...

Hello Hunny bunch

LOVE THAT ELEPHANT gorgeeoouussss work
Hope your better real soon sweeti

keep your chin up ole bean

love and hugs
jin xxxx

Sian said...

Your elephant is absolutely fantastic!

I can sympathise about the vertigo as I've suffered from it for a few years now, since having ear surgery. Thankfully in my case it's brought on by changes in the temperature inside my ear so I only usually suffer on windy or very cold days. I worry sometimes that people will think I've been drinking in my lunch hour when they see me staggering back to work!

I hope you're soon feeling better.

Jacky said...

Wow...this is an amazing ATC your elephant!

Vertigo...that doesnt sound like much fun at all. I hope that the tablets kick in soon and you are feeling well again.

Thinking of you.

Jacky xox

Gaby Bee said...

This card is absolutely amazing! You have done a fabulous job!
Hope you are feeling better very soon!
Gaby xo

My name is CINDY...... said...

You poor ole thing you!! I will refrain from making any jokes as they will probably be in bad taste lol - hope you are better soon.

Loving that elephant - perhaps you'd better do a few more like that before the tablets kick in.... oops, couldn't help it, it slipped out, big hugs Cindy xxxxxx

Ragtree said...

Goodness Margaret! That is TERRIBLE! I cannot believe that you created that beautiful piece of art while feeling so bad :(

I hope you feel better soon!

Renee :)

Heather said...

The elephant painting is wonderful - so full of life. So sorry you have vertigo, it must be horrible. A neighbour of ours had it some time ago and couldn't go out for a while, but she is quite cured now - hope you will be too, soon. I love the jigsaw pieces as well.


and so you should be proud!!! this is really well done and on the size of card you used too just awesome, to create this and it seems so big. im in awe and will be hanging around your blog some more for yummy eye candy. Dizzy stressed and talented. I am sorry to hear you are suffering so. Hugs Michelle