Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another Christmas Bauble Decoration

Here's another Christmas Bauble i have made.



To make this bauble, i cut two pieces of the bauble shape out of acetate. Because i don't have any blending solution for alcohol inks, i improvised with white spirit, the only thing i have to hand.

So, i wiped the acetate over with the white spirit, and dripped 3 different coloured alcohol inks on to it, and just let it spread.
I left it to dry, and then spray mounted the two pieces together with a piece of white paper sandwiched between. This shows the colours up much better.

I then added stickers, and overthetop braiding. along with a plastic and a cardboard flower.

I really like this one, and may decide to keep it, if i don't have any time or energy to make more.

June here at bootifulstampz is being very generous and giving one stamp away a day for the rest of November.
June is also doing an altered jigsaw contest too, so be sure to visit.


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Love your baubles and oh...yeah...the ornaments are great, too. LOL!

Seriously, you are going to town on them. My first one is drying so hope to show it tomorrow. And you are on your like 8th or 9th??


no, just number 3 lol

TanyaMac said...

Love it! I must give these boyo's a try - I'm not getting a tree this year so I'm dressing up the window's instead. This sounds like a nice affordable way to freshen things up. Plus, I love handmade decs...

Gaby Bee said...

All your Christmas baubles are simply beautiful! Once again you have done a gret job!

June said...

Oh Margarwet its super. Love how it worked out so well with the white spirit too. Have to remember that one. Gorgeous work my friend.

Thanks also for the link too. Oh and ... love your button fairies on your other blog as well.
Hugs June xxxx

Genie said...

Great work margaret, have a lovely weekend

LeaKarts said...

Gorgeous bauble! I always enjoy your work so much.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I love how you did this, it's really beautiful.

Mam said...

The ornaments you are making are gorgeous! I've only done the one. I'm going to try some "inchie cubes" for which I got a template. They are looking pretty cute as ornaments.
there is a message for you on my blog under "A Real Person...A Real Award".

Sherry said...

Beautiful baubles Margaret, and great idea putting white inbetween to show the colours up more. I've never used white spirit as I've heard it can be a bit sticky - but as you've sandwiched the two pieces that's not a problem - great result!

Artyfax said...

super baubles MArgaret, yet another arrow for your bow

Jacky said...

Margaret your Christmas Baubles are gorgeous... I like the idea of the acetate with alcohol inks. I had used the shiny photo paper too, that comes up well.

Thanks for sharing.

Jacky xox

WendyK said...

It's a beauty Margaret, just love the colours