Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year - New Marie Antoinette

After last year i was hoping and praying for an uneventful 2009. But my dear husband fell ill on New Years Eve, and so the celebrations were postponed.

I have been very busy looking after him, and so art is not quite so forthcoming.

BUT i have to carry on, because my new and exciting Flickr Group MAD MAMMA has finally opened its doors. This is a monthly Art Doll Swap that i'm running, and boy, oh boy, there are 47 members already and more arriving daily. WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Makes me feel very humble that people are actually interested in anything i do.

So here is my entry for this months challenge/swap. I set the challenge using a jointed paper doll template from Mirkwood Designs.

And guess what kinda doll i've made . go on, have a guess. you'll never believe it.

Oh alright here she is.

Marie Antoinette.
How did you guess LOL
As well as printing out the template on card, i also printed out a template on paper, so that i could use it for cutting out the fabric.

I used a beautiful grey green cotton fabric which is already embroidered, and ironed onto Bondaweb to make it more stable.

The hair was done by gluing white silk embroidery cotton in lines, trying to keep it close together. The face was part of the Mirkwood Design template, and i just coloured it in using prisma pencils.

As you can see i added a skirt as an extra, which moves, and i simply couldn't resist putting her in a pair of bloomers. lol.

I did want to give her authentic looking shoes, but i'm afraid my energy just ran out.

I've done a little bit more work to my Fabric Marie Antoinette book. I've sewn pages 1 and 2 together (or rather 2 and 3). I've cut out and ironed on the photo transfers to 6 more pages, but havn't embellished them further.
I'll try and get another page worked a bit more in the next day or two.

Til then


Genie said...

happy New Year Margaret.
Hope your DH is on the mend. thanks for the invite to mad mamma Doll group.

Artyfax said...

Hope you get those new year celebrations soon MArgaret.

Wonderful art work, but I think I shall be sticking to my new toy, and going digital rather than dolly. It does seem to be off to a good start already but good luck with the new group


Belinda said...

Hi Margaret So sorry to hear your dear hubby fell ill I do hope he gets well soon. Thank you for starting MAD Mamma's I have started my first doll and can't wait to swap. I love your doll, she is so very you and beautiful. Take care Belinda xxx

Jinny Holt said...

Hello sweeti-give Ernie a huge hug from me but dont breath on him or else he will get my flipping flu i am still trying to get shot of!!!
You sound like you are going to be busy with ya new group........Go you!!

Right bed time for me , i think have not slept properly for well over a week now-oooh woe is me hehehehehe
take care and remember plenty of tlc for Ernie xxxxxxxxxx

~Babs said...

I saw Genie's doll, so had to come see yours too,,,,,and I'm SO glad I did!
Marie would be SO proud,,as you should be too. Such intricate work,,,I'm amazed!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Hang on, where have I been to miss your MAD MAMMA group?

(You are going MAD missus, how many new things are you going to start!! lol)

I was going to remove the monthly doll swap bit from my blog as there is only two in it but will have to go and check this out now...

great doll by the way!!

robin dudley-howes said...

I had to have a look at your blog simply because of your photo from dans ma maisonilya! Your'e hilarious! I love your art dolls....especially since they are M.Antoinette!! Hope your hubby will recover soon. When you get a moment come on over to my pad.

Gaby Bee said...

Your doll is simply wonderful!
Happy New Year Margret to you and all your loved ones.

Cotton Picker said...

Your art doll group sounds intriguing. I am going to attempt to make a doll in fabric vs paper and if successful, I'd love to join the group. I love a challenge.

Happy New Year and I hope your DH is well soon.