Saturday, 10 January 2009


Valentines and Michael Buble. WHAT a combination LOL. well they do go together don't they. mmmmmmmmmmm.

For this weeks MAMMA's
challenge/swap, i chose the theme Man/Men, mainly because of my friend John, who is the only male in our group, and boy does he take a lot of stick from all us gals. LOL

Sooooooo i just had to do Michael Buble. love him, love him to bits. yummy lol.
The ladies nickname for me on my Flickr group is MAMMA, hence the title.


As there were an odd number of entries this week, i get to keep him. SHUCKS, that is suuuuuch an ordeal. roflol.

I have also set up a temporary Flickr group called LOL MAMMA, lol standing for lots of love in this case, as its a valentine swap in the shape of a heart.

This swap ends on the 5th February, to give plenty of time for the entrants to receive their Valentine before the actual day.

here's my two entries.

paper crazy patchwork
The stitches are drawn with pens, but the scan isn't picking up the colours correctly. The large silk flower on the top left hand corner is pastel pink, and the tear drop jewel at the bottom is Barbie pink. I reeeeealy do not like my new scanner, as it doesn't pick the colouring up like how i like it.

C'est la Vie.

Fifties Valentine
Background was gesso'd, then 2 coats vinyl silk, and when nearly dry, stuck a piece of paper on top then pulled off, peeling some of the paint away.
Crepe paper frill, and tinsel edging.
This hasn't turned out perfect enough so will probably withdraw this from the swap. I don't mind, cos it reminds me of my early childhood.

Pop on over and see the beautiful creations, there's some beauts there, and there's also plenty of time to join in.

Talking of beautiful creations you should see some of the Paper doll entries, on MAD MAMMA they are beauuuuuuutiful. I'm really really pleased the way this is going

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Belinda said...

Hi Margaret I hope all is well with you and Ernie. Did I hear write in thinking you had a birthday? if so "Happy Birthday Margaret" I hope it was a special one. Take care Belinda