Friday, 23 January 2009

Sir Winston Churchill

This is something very close to my heart, but for some strange reason i've never thought of doing it before.
The reason why it's so personal?. The name Winston Churchill, was my father's first and middle name lol. AND his party trick was emulating Winston Churchill and his many speeches. I can remember going on holiday and at the Miner's Holiday Camp in Skegness, when it was the Talent Show, Dad would get up and do his oration, usually 'We'll shall fight them on the beaches.......".
I used to be soooooooo embarassed, as everyone else was doing a singing act lol.
Looking back now, I was very proud of him, and of course, the real Sir Winston Churchill too.

Mixed Media, made on 6" x 9" mountboard, acrylic and gesso background. With numerous symbols representing that era.
Rik rak in V shape - Victory symbol
car tyre - petrol rationing
blue bird - song 'Bluebird over the White cliffs of Dover" a war song by Vera Lynn
German scrap at bottom of photo, with acrylic paint drips - representing iron railings that were torn down during the war, to make aeroplanes
the white crosses represent the windows taped up for protection against bombs, and to stop the glass flying out.
Black material across the top represents blackout material which was put up to cut out all light from outside
Toggle on top right, represents the duffle coat Winston used to wear.
Buttons and shoe lace represents the 'make do and mend' philosphy of that era.
Embroidery around photo, represents his bow tie
Tag - Never , from another of his speeches
Roses - Symbol of England
Text is a copy of his actual transcript for his speech "Their finest hour"

I'm working on Queen Elizabeth 1 at the moment, and intend to do a series of English Historical figures

A week ago today, I celebrated my birthday. I had a reeeeeally super duper day, with some beauuutiful presents from family and online friends, culminating in a delicious dinner at an excellent restaurant nearby.
Sorry I'm late putting these pictures up, but ill health has been dogging me this week, and I'm struggling once again with the vertigo and depression. When this happens i become very insular, so pleeeeease forgive me for not visiting your blogs. I look, but don't talk. I've had to reserve my 'talking' for my Flickr groups, as i would not want to lose them as they have been a lifeline for me.

Sooooooooooooo dear friends, a VERY big thankyou once again, for the numerous cards and RAK's and pressies, and most of all, thankyou for putting up with me LOL.

From Ernie (hubby)

2 Marie antoinette figurines from Ernie, as well as year's subscription to Somerset Studio.
I bet you're thinking, oh what a thoughtful hubby lol, but i picked them out myself roflol.
The 2 drawer jewellery box on the right is from my beloved daughter along with smellies etc.

From Viv and From Sherry

Beautiful Lace from Maureen

Domino necklace from Jinny, Heart from Cindy and some more beautiful lace from Maureen, this time some hand crotcheted lace made by her Grandmother. I can honestly say that this really touched me.

Last but not least, a cushion from my dear friend Jan. NOW I can take Michael Buble to bed with me EVERY night. yummy yummy.


Jan said...

My dear Margaret - this is an awesome piece. It is incredibly beautifully made and your reasons for creating it are just so touching. Your old dad would be proud of you my love.
I hope you will be feeling better soon xxxxxxxx

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Great job on Sir Winston! And awesome birthday pressies, too!

I bet you sleep clutching your Buble' pillow.

Viv's Visuals said...

Great canvas....
Waiting for Liz next! In fact you could go down the whole 'never ending story' characters!!LOL
Pressies are cool... Suppose BUBBLE is on pillow next to you??? rofl xx

Janny said...

Gorgeous Canvas!

nfaband said...

Awww Happy Birthday Margaret .. it looks like you had a wonderful day and those gifties are very sweet. Enjoy!

Sherry said...

Love your Winston piece Margaret and so interesting about your Dad too - makes it even more extra special!

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday and some brilliant pressies too.

Hope you're back to good health very soon. xx

Gaby Bee said...

I just saw it's your birthday, Margret. Hope you are having a WONDERFUL day, with lots and lots of cake and chocolate!
Your canvas is simply amazing and your pressies are wonderful!
Best to you,
Gaby xo

Pattie said...

Lovely story on the Churchill piece Margaret,brilliant work too !

I see you had a lovely birthday and prezzies,you deserve it,love your sense of humour,your Mamma group gives me much pleasure,has become a part of my life now lol cant wait to see and do each weeks challenge ! Thankyou xxx

Heidi said...

You WC is very awesome along with the story of your Dad. When parents name a child after a great man they must have some very high hopes that their boy will grow up to be similarly great! I love the paper doll you received from your friend.

Kiiss said...

Love your Marie antoinette figurines and I want those laces!!!! :)

Boat Bird said...

Great piece of work- swing by my blog to pick up the award I gave you!