Wednesday, 20 June 2007

beaded doll (back)

Here is the back of my beaded doll. I have experimented with different types of lace, vintage and new, and painted it with gouache and felt tip pens. At the moment it looks messy, but I am going to embellish with more beads, using them like I would a paintbrush. Whether it works or not is another thing.
Hooray, goodies turned up, dominoes, paper bag books, book rings, paper flowers all from
This is a UK firm with very cheap postage, and a free gift with every order. a roll of double sided tape. I now have 3 rolls. wtg
Also arrived today a plastic travel case for holding beads. This has 12 screw lid pots and I'm very pleased with it. I bought this from from Beech Cottage crafts
This cost me 99p and £1.49 postage which I am very pleased with.

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