Monday, 25 June 2007


This week I sold all 6 of my ACEO's on, my first time listing there. WOWEEEE I CAN'T BELIEEEEEVE IT.
A veeery kind person bought all 6, and it's given me such a boost.

I haven't been very active this week, my DH has been ill. He has recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, and was prescribed 'ointment'. It said on the package not to be given to anyone with heart problems, and since he has already had one heart attack, and left with heart and lung disease, it is not suprising that it has made him ill. It has made him lethargic and having angina attacks daily. I COULD SCREAM AT THE DOCTORS. We'll have to see what happens. I've fussed over him and tried to do everything for him, so it has left no time for art in anyway.
That is until yesterday, when I repainted the back of the doll. It looked far too messy before, and I think this will be a much better background for the fancy beads that I will be using .
The beginning of the week I managed to clear my studio a bit. 3 canvases went into the bin, along with several sketchbooks and research.

The sketch books were some from uni, I had so many, that I decided that I can't keep taking them everywhere. (I do seem to be moving home a lot recently). For my graduation I managed to fill over 30 sketchbooks, whereas most people filled one or two. Also 12 large folders filled with research of art and artists. Only one of those have survived the blitz. It's one I did of Robert Rauchenberg, and I photocopied in b/w his sculptures. Then I used pastels over them, and I was pleased with the result. Still am, which is unusual for me. Usually when a painting is finished I hate it. I only like them 'whilst' I am painting, the finished result does nothing for me.

I think one reason I am enjoying Altered Art and collage so much is because of the research I am doing. It was always my favourite subject at uni. It's the buzz of finding something new and fascinating, and wanting to start work on it straight away. That disappeared from me towards the end of time at uni. I ended up very disheartened by the tutors and what I had (or ather not)learned. I find out to my cost, that the only thing I DID learn from the tutors was how to do things for myself, i.e. research,and be analytical and critical of my work myself. Which I suppose is a very good thing to have learnt.

I'ts just that I have such a thirst for knowledge, that I feel that I was let down. After fulfilling a lifetime dream of going to university, when it finally came true, the dream ended up unfilled.
I wish that I had had the guts to push myself further and tried entering a different uni, instead of one that was close to home. Still that's life.

I feel that the best time that I had was at Chesterfield College of Art. It is rated one of the best, and I learnt sooo much there. It was a very exciting and fulfilling time. I have kept practically everything from that time, and I think the works show the buzz I was on at that time.

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