Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Today is another button day. I've always had an infinity for buttons, even had a button bracelet once. Just a large button with thin black elastic threaded through. Bought it from a friend at Uni, when we were raising funds for our Degree Show.

I have made my Button Fairy for the monthly doll swap that i run at a yahoo group i belong to.
I decided to make a Button Mermaid instead of the normal type, and quite pleased with the way it turned out. Hope nobody's offended at a semi-nude mermaid, but i did put a large blob of glitter in the appropriate place. lol.

Some of my goodies arrived from ebay today. A pack of flower buttons, in pink and white. The white ones are really really tiny, so will need an extra fine beading needle when i sew these on. The only trouble with that is, i have to use a needle threader, and it's a struggle to pull this through the tiny eye of the needled.
I've bought these buttons for a Shabby Chic dotee that i am making for a swap-bot swap.
Soooo pleased with them.

I joined in another swapbot dotee doll swap today. Gonna have to be careful and not get too caught up in it all. BUT this one was for a dotee bride and groom, and i was thinking along the exact same lines myself, even ordered some beautiful embroidered lace cotton to make the bride with. Still it's not due til the 31st March, and when i get going it doesn't take me too long to make one.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Ooh Margaret she is sooooooooo beyootiiful!! Love her, Cindy x

theplumcat said...

Hi Margaret: Lurve your button mermaid... she's lurve-alee. Gorgeous piece,
Mary Ann S/ArtsOnFire